Thursday, 29 August 2013


I am posting Dragonflies' pictures with permission in case anyone is wondering. Tracy's quilts are very distinctive and it was lovely to take in the overall effect and then to spot subtle details.
The raffle quilt up on the stage is the second one completed by our group. This one was assembled by Tracy and hand quilted by Ruth, another Dragonfly. Sadly, I didn't win so now I'll just have to get on with my own.
Quilt Show BOM for the raffle quilt

Lots of dots here

I know this as Spectacular stars taught by Judi and Marion but this
one was started in a workshop with Carolyn Forster.

This one was made from 1930's

This one won a Judges' Choice award at the Festival of Quilts

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

More from Yesterday

Bag for young relative
The other side
Marigold's disappearing Nine Patch
Christmas bags
A pretty bag
Another pretty bag
All made with paper serviettes
Valerie's logs

Valerie and Marigold chose not to bring their machines but to sew by hand; Valerie was working on a small scale log cabin. As we don't see her so often, Marigold had brought lots of Show & Tell.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Quilting with friends

To celebrate all our birthdays we decided to hire a village hall and sew together and eat a shared lunch. We all worried about not bringing enough so ended up with quite a lot. It was lovely to have so much space and I hung up an older quilt with a calico back to act as a show and tell back drop.
So I shall take a brief break from Dragonflies to show and tell.
Judi has been hugely busy using blocks from an American friend to make a Civil War influenced quilt, bow ties in similar colours for a  house she visits in the US, a pretty child's quilt with variable block frames and piece de resistance a wonderful batik quilt for a friend. We all admired the combination of high and low contrast blocks and everywhere J's expert quilting.

Civil War blocks

Child's Four Patch

Detail of batik quilt

Bow Ties for Pennsylvania

Incomplete sunflower started in a workshop
with Maureen Thomas.

Monday, 26 August 2013

More Dragonflies

Made by Di for a cycling

Quilting detail

I think this was made by Di for a friend

Prue's seaside quilt

Another one by Di for another grandson

Dragonflies Quilt Show

I had a lovely time at the Dragonflies Quilt Show in Deal
today. It always includes lots of very special individual items. The show was dedicated to member Valerie who has died since the last show and whose work the group have completed. It was one such piece that greeted visitors on arrival.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Top done

I have been busier than my blog might indicate and hope to take photos of recent completions soon. Anyway, having finished all my U3A joint charity projects I'm now embarking on the retreat ones and the fishy top below is a two fabric version of Dorothy Young's "Just My Size" pattern. For further information you need to check out the Pocketful of Mysteries Yahoo group.This one is a Linus quilt.
I wanted use the fishy fabric in the corners but none left and none of the plain red inner border in large enough pieces for the corner triangles.


Friday, 16 August 2013

More from the Festival of Quilts

The Festival of Quilts is a very special and unique show. Unlike the large American Shows it is not juried so there is   a wide range of quilts and this year a whole section was devoted to "My First Quilt. Some of these were quite expert as long time embroiderers turned their attention to quilt making. I was sceptical about one or two entries in this section. As usual I felt some of the quilts in the traditional section were better suited to the contemporary group and vice versa though I could see why the makers thought the way they did. The quilts are displayed very well with many on white walls. In addition there are white walled galleries, properly lit, devoted to vintage quilts or those of a group or individual maker. I always love to see the work of a long time quiltmaker all together from earlier to current work. Last year I was thrilled to see Pauline Burbidge's Egyptian style quilts and this year I enjoyed the very different work by Lynne Edwards who has done so much to educate and encourage us. Lynne is someone whose work is exquisite but seemingly has no desire to show off.
I think this was the Diversity in Europe gallery

Kaffe Fassett's shots and stripes gallery

Lynne sitting at her station in front of an early Cathedral Windows quilt

This lovely quilt by
Tatyana Duffee from a
copyright free pattern
by Kate Spain was in
the Traditional
section. What do
you think?

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Another Day, another Quilt Show

Julie Herman pattern

Today was the local Whitstable Quilt Show which two or more of the local groups put on. I had a happy hour or so meeting up with an old friend and seeing what my fellow quilters had been up to.
I was very taken by the sixty degree hexagon and triangle designs in a quilt by Tracey D. following a Julie Herman pattern.

Starry Night
I spent time working out how Madeleine K's Starry Night quilt could be foundation pieced  and loved the  Piece o' Cake design, Stars in the Garden, I think, appliqued by one quilter and kindly finished by another when her friend was unable to it for herself.

In answer to the query about yesterday's quilt, yes we are all using the same setting.

Stars in the Garden completed by Doreen G.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Usual Suspects

Belinda's version of the The Quilt Show BOM

Here we are in front of Belinda's (she's the one in the middle) for which I (pointing out my effort) and Judi and a couple of others made a few blocks as part of a swap. Mine is still in block form and seeing how much work it was when I watched Belinda assemble hers, oh so accurately, has deterred me for the time being.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Work apron


A good and very kind friend presented me with this apron made out of Fair Trade fabric. It's a classic design, I think based on a Japanese classic. The Japanese make lots of clever aprons. I love having pockets in which I can store pegs when hanging out the washing. I love the subtle decoration, an appliqued flower on the bodices with stripes running counter to the main garment and birds along the hem likewise.
Recently I attended a talk by Janet Clare whose apron signifies she is working and do not disturb and to which she adds words and little items of significance so there is more to aprons than you might imagine.  The initial intention of mine was to keep threads off my clothes but it's true I feel different wearing it in a way I can't quite define.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Progress report

I've added the next border to the frame quilt which has added little in size but lots of pieces. Again I took care to check accuracy and line everything up correctly. I took the opportunity to add some fabrics for the first time as I'll need to repeat them in the next two frames.

That stint completed I moved on to quilt the centre of spectacular stars. I found I could follow the design around and about without stops and starts.

The back, a seersucker fabric.

Border to be added sew and flip method.