Friday, 31 January 2014

Later that day

it was the Quay Quilters meeting when Mary showed us a quick and easy way of making pineapples, creating a good deal of interest in Karin Hellaby's book which she passed round. I first saw a version of this at Hever in the 90's but Karin has provided lots of working out, clear and  lovely illustrations plus various projects and ways to use the design.
Ready to go and listening to notices.

Pippa's version, lots of pink for a granddaughter

Di's fandangos

Another one from Pippa.

Bid went to a very successful machine
embroidery class to make a pretty
card holder.

The day after

the Usual Suspects got together to compare notes and sew together. For some reason I have no picture's of Belinda's although she had made both types of units.

I think these were made by Judi and Joy im tandem.

Judi's string triangles inspired by Doris Dove's
demonstration at Farnham.

Valerie used batiks too but brighter and more contrast than mine.

Oast Quilters workshop

More of Maggie's samples

Maggie's table

I went to a wonderful workshop both informative and enjoyable - the two things don't always combine.. It was so popular
Maggie Kingston had to do three days running. We were shown just the triangle star hexagons in the morning and then in the afternoon how to make the stars float and add a frame. I may need to add frames to mine as  I am using Malaysian batiks, many units with low contrast, a "blended" effect, otherwise known as splodge but at least it's an aesthetic blue splodge. It was great seeing all the different fabric choices. All straight line piecing and everybody's looked very accurate. Maggie was very generous with her handouts including instructions for smaller projects using this teachnique.
My batiks

Someone used New Zealand fabrics

Judging from the Featherweight in the background I
think these were Alison's.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Clockwise borders

When we were adding the borders for a QQ charity  quilt some members were surprised the first one was added with partial piecing. I prefer this way to the usual way of one added to opposite sides then two more top and bottom extending over the sides. I find the partial way more aesthetic and it's also useful when there isn't enough length to either mitre or extend right across.
Having left part of the first border unsewn you then continue round adding borders to the sewn sides and finally sew down the flap to complete the first and final borders.
First partial border added wih second ready to go

Second added

And the third

And the fourth

First and final border completed and now the top is quilted and
the binding attached ready for another member of the group to sew
to the back.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Out of the loop

Thanks to a faulty rain sodden telephone line we have been offline for a few days. I can't report too much on my current activity as I am teaching a mystery quilt in a day project and I have been making my sample. I planned to take pictures of each step so I could eventually post the design online but got carried away with piecing so this will have to wait till some fute date. But I have been out and about, to Quay Quilters, to the show at Ardingly and today to the corners meeting at Oast.
Cilla showing a heavily embellished envelope bag at Oast Quilters

General view of Ardingly quilt show

Monday, 20 January 2014

Get togethers

Usual Suspects met for a Chinese takeaway and Valerie showed us her completed quilt top. The 15th was the first meeting of the New Year for Quay Quilters and at least one member besides me. had been busy over the break. Then we all got busy bringing out blocks loosely based on Autumn and we did some arranging and settled on nine to go together. Ruby pinned on sashing and Bid and Mary B. sewed. I've brought it home to add the border and sandwich.
Valerie & quilt top

Mags and grandchild's quilt in the making

Blocks laid out though one was substituted later.

The first border has been only partially pieced which puzzled
some of the onlookers. The second one is about to be added.

Monday, 13 January 2014


The annual fabric sale at Farnham is getting more and more popular but each year more and more of the building is opening up and everywhere in its rabbit warren of rooms and passages not only traders but demonstrations and shows by many local groups and individual quilters were to be found making it a very good day.
Doris's demonstrations are a highlight of the day for me and I
carried off two handouts of interesting techniques. Judi has got
them too and has already cut out the foundations for the diamond
strippy on Mothercare nappy liners!

A small selection of challenge quilts by Village Quilters.

Quilt made and longarm quilted by Brigitte Gillespie
shown with permission. It is based on a pattern by
Karen Stone.

I liked the big stitch quilting on this one.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

U3A Block 4a

This time the isosceles triangle unit serves as an introduction to foundation piecing. The HST's were cut from 4 7/8ths squares cut diagonally across. The formula is: add 7/8" to the finished size HST square.
Finished 12" block

Reverse showing papers left in

FP patterns

Placing first shape face up on reverse of drawn pattern
then second shape face down right sides together.

Checking placement by holding up
 to the light.

Adding final shape and pressing. The unit needs to
be trimmed to 4.5" unfinished size.

I find freezer paper makes very handy templates
to aid cutting.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Bonnies New Year Meet

It was good to meet up after a quiet week. Fran had made a bag from a charm pack and Trish is finishing off a quilt we made in our earliest quilting days. Mine belongs to my brother now. I showed off my completed top, the last of the four of us, and I promise this is the last of it until it's quilted.
Trish with Christmas quilt

Fran with charm squares bag

Me with frame quilt top - again!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Finishing post

On the floor
On the bed

I have finished the gargantuan quilt top now measuring 91" square, bigger than I like but perhaps a descendant will have a super king bed! Unlike my Bonnie colleagues I absolutely quail at the prospect of quiting this. It's heavy and hard to handle so I hope my longarming friend will take it on. I think her machine is big enough. I've prepared a tube of bias binding from the outer border fabric which I'll cut out tonight. I think I'll send this one to FOQ as it is a big effort quilt more common in the states than here.
It has been a good learning curve, an exercise in accuracy and I would like to tackle another frame quilt probably based on one in the Quilters' Guild collection and I'll draft it as a rectangle.
Show off day tomorrow at our Bonnies meeting - the 3rd was my deadline then it will be out of my hands.

Corner treatment detail

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!


Looking at my 2013 finishes most were group or charity projects. Next year I intend to eschew such ventures or at least reverse the ratio and make things for myself or as personal gifts. I want to get on with UFO's, finish some workshop projects and to make some quilts using up to date fabrics. Apart from our Bonnies quiltalong I shall work on ONE thing at a time till done!!!!