Saturday, 20 September 2014

Whoo Hooo

The dog's dinner!

My favourite block

A young relative requested cartoon owls and royal blue. This gave me an excuse to buy enough owl fabric and coordinates to supply a whole army of owl lovers. All this largesse has caused nothing but problems. I sketched out a design and set too. I wanted to make use of 9" squares cut from a panel. However as blocks went up on the design wall all I could see was a dog's dinner. An owl pellet would have been much neater. I stopped long before the 24 block target and decided to use what I had done for a Linus or Sales table quilt. Ironically the block I made from scraps to complete a 12 block total is by far the most successful, a lesson learned, perhaps.
Now I am making just twelve 15" five patch blocks, four of each design to join with RB sashing.

Completed 15" block

Fabric selection, Plan B.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

From the Alcazar, Seville

We've just enjoyed an evening visit to the Alcazar palace complex with its beautiful and extensive gardens, a lovely and calm experience. I took some views as a private reminder of the place. I like to put these photographic memories on a desktop background especially on gloomy winter days. My husband never knows what will pop up when he turns on our shared computer and will often comment. However I also took some pictures for my blog as they are related to quiltmaking.
Colour ideas

Navaho type border

A tessalation

A hexagon arrangement still current

Monday, 8 September 2014

More inspiration

Tiles on the stairs (91) in the Toro del Oro.

I especially like the border and can

think of various ways to make it.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Patchwork Inspiration

Floor of our room in Seville, detail,
We are in Seville at the moment having started off in Madrid where we visited several great galleries but had to be selective about which paintings we looked at, lots of wonderful Goyas and works by Velasquez. We also looked at Picasso's Guernica which seemed as much about drawing as painting, very graphic. Alan has been an excellent courier,taking me on a tour of old Madrid gleaned from an elderly Michelin guide, still accurate and, from the internet,  the first of three walks in Seville. Having lived in Morocco years ago I was very aware of its Medina like qualities. It has been very refreshing to immerse myself in works of art and architecture but patchwork inspiration pops up from time to time. The room here even has a patchwork tiled floor or is it the other way round?
Decorative detail in San Francisco
Basilica, Madrid.

Again in San Francisco

Yet another motif to