Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Advance planning

All joined by a thread.

I am working on the current U3A project and this will be the next one. For the very first time I managed to sew a set of squares together in in sequence so I kept them in order and joined together ready to sew the rows. The trick is to start top left which I never remember until it's too late. Until today. You might think it's all over but this will end up as tessallated pinwheels.

I love these fabrics, anything with ill defined script.

Ready for Stage Two (in January 2015)

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Bits and bobs

Trish's setting square

Trish has designed a very successful pieced setting triangle. My problem is a shortage of fabric and I am still hankering after appliqued dragonflies. I shall have to set aside a time for play.


Today we changed the bed and Gargantuan will be a regular pre Advent choice (ie pre pre Christmas!).
Yesterday was Usual Suspects day and it was so good to get together after what seems a long gap. The main event was poring over Judi's purchases and very interesting projects.

Judi's quilt top for a very lucky baby.

Belinda's for a very lucky girl too!
Last week the Quay Quilters meeting went well with Show & Tell and more work on our group quilt - it is mainly hand quilted.


Jane again, a small gift

Mary B's made entirely from recycled
fabrics, everything except the

Jenny's table runner.

Vanessa's to hang behind the Christmas

Gillian's, very straightforward and very effective.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Onwards and upwards

I made my correction (thanks for the kind words, Tracy) - it's that kind of quilt and I've settled on my layout for the now completed Bonny blocks. Six are extras - my companions are making a larger quilt. Now I'm thinking about the setting triangles. I'll see what Trish comes up with next time.

Bonny blocks layout

The rejects, probably for a charity

Monday, 10 November 2014


I have pieced and framed all the twenty Bonnie blocks but when I was starting to quilt them I found this. How did I did not see it !!! I wondered whether to leave it but decided it would bug me too much.

Monday, 3 November 2014

A finish

I had some owl blocks which I didn't use for my project but thought I should use them up: hence this Linus quilt. Far from perfect but sturdy enough and hopefully the child recipient will like it.
The larger owl prints were cut from a panel.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Bonnie Blocks

I've just added text to yesterday's blog; yesterday the keyboard wouldn't type b's or n's which made for a load of gibberish. My husband has cured it by a talking to and a severe bash!
Here are the latest Bonnie blocks; mine appear in an earlier post. Only four more to go.
Trish's at top. Mavis's left and Fran's on right.

Saturday, 1 November 2014


After many stages along the way and many hours we were ready to assemble our handquilted blocks. We had three machines on the go and we all chipped in with the necessary ironing and hand sewing. It was a pleasant social time with more opportunities for chat than in regular meetings and we shared a lovely lunch too. Once assembled the quilt had a look of an old American one though there are many up to date fabrics included and the illusion of circles around the sashing squares was a lovely surprise. Vanessa is going to do some expert machine quilting on the sashes and Trish is going to machine embroider a label on the negative space of our one spare block. No wonder we look pleased with ourselves.
The team minus me

The team with me in Lime cardie and apron

Catching down the wdding so it doesn't gape

Heather, Trish and Mavis

Not far to go now