Sunday, 23 July 2017

Block 39: Pinwheel Star

Blocks from Row 10

This is another one from Jackie Taylor's Civil War quilt.

Block 41: floating spinning star

This was a slightly tricky one to piece. I partially pieced the sections round the central square.

First section added and partially sewn.

Section piece added.

All four pieces with first one still to complete.


Thursday, 20 July 2017

Another Taster bordered

Completed - how jolly - measures approx.  58.5 by 71"
I have bought Cherrywod scrap bags over the years as well as bundles and yardage. I pieced the borders mainly from stack and slash  scrap pieces plus the one print I used. In the process it looked very messy but now I think the border pulls the disparate top together.
Adding borders in a roundabout way

Borders added but untrimmed so the top still looks very untidy

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Taster 2 bordered

Now 58 x 74"
Here is the second completed top.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Taster Day 2

Here is the second taster day quilt, this time with framed blocks  and I shall add a plain border to bring it up to size. Currently it's 48" by 64".
The blocks

Now framed and joined.

U3A Taster Day

Blocks on my sewing room floor

With first border (partially pieced so it goes round and round)

I held two U3A taster days at my house, one for five people and the next four.  We made our way through EPP tumbling blocks, patchwork with templates, rotary cutter strip piecing and anything goes stack and slash. They were very enthusiastic and I think several will go on with it either with the U3A or Quay Quilters. The pieces they made will be for a charity quilt and there is enough from this and an earlier year for two quilts.of twelve blocks each. This first one I plan to donate to Siblings Together, a summer camp for brothers and sisters separated by fostering or family breakdown.. They want quite large quilts so I have added a five inch border with a further strippy 5" border to come. Currently it measures 46" by 58". We used Cherrywood fabrics and I now aim to use up as much of my stock of these as I can now that I've used it for several chari several charity quilts and one for me.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Maggie's birthday quilt

Maggie's quilt
I received a super birthday quilt from Maggie using very pretty fabrics and in a complicated mosaic paper pieced pentagram design. Note the pointyness of the triangles and the long diamonds different from those in 60 degree patchwork. It was custom quilted on her long arm machine. All my quilts have been expressive of the donors which is what I wanted. This one combines the technical longarm machine work attuned to the delicate complexity of hand sewn  patches in stunning fabric combinations all set off by the black and white binding.
Detail of quilting

and of fabric choices

On the bed

Sunday, 9 July 2017

And another one

Queen Beez enjoyed a day's sewing in each others company and a very nice lunch we all contributed to  though Mary I as hostess played the major part. I received two more beautifiul birthday quilts of an excellence I couldn't aspire to. I'll devote a separate post to each and start with hostess Mary.
Her quilt was instantly ascribable as these autumn tones are her signature as is the lovely embellishment.
Note the very special RicRac edging

Delicate metallic thread on  organza embellishment top right.

Buttons and stitching and added texture.

On the bed

Another view

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Farnham trip 03

After Show and Tell at Brigitte's she drove us along very pretty roads to a local patchwork shop where we made a few purchases and then to her studio where she teaches and where her longarm business is housed.  Thank you Brigitte  for a day I shall long remember.
Quilt on the design wall

Brigitte outside her studio.
We had half intended to lunch there but as it was busy we went on to Chawton and enjoyed a sandwich opposite Jane Austen's house where we learnt a lot about her life and viewed her quilt now given due focus. I'm pleased so many museums are being alerted to the popularity of their textile treasures and the viewing number ensuing. We quilters do like to travel.
Jane Austen's final home which she shared with her mother, sister and family friend. Jane died in her forties while mother and sister lived on to their 90's

The quilt they made

A coverlet in a spare room , presumably nothing to do
with Jane.