Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Bonnie doings

We were very taken by a bag Fran made. Trish and Sue have modified the original design and added a zip so  that is what we are making at present. Meanwhile Mavis has appliqued a cushion to match the quilt she made for her granddaughter
Fran's bag

The inside

Mavis's cushion

Monday, 28 January 2019

Sample preparation

As I had sewn up my U3A sample of the penultimate stage I had to make another one. The fabrics are rather nice but I must resist finishing them up.

Three identical log cabin 60 degree diamonds

Cut each one into quarters

Arrange as shown
Sew into pairs

Then tumbing blocks. Here is all my stuff ready to pack up and do my "corner".

Here is Linda of the U3A with her finished cushion.

Back to the beginning adding the first strip to the central diamond with a gap between to allow for the angle.

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Oast Meet

Saturday was Corners meeting at Oast. I did one on the log cabin star design shown earlier starting HERE and Gyleen Fitzgerald's nifty technique for doing inset seams shown HERE and HERE. Some of the U3A class can be seen with their versions HERE.
I gather all the corners were very good - certainly people arrived at mine pleased with the one they had just seen. As the 15 minute time slot can be hard to keep to this time I had the different stages pinned on various boards ready so I didn't have to fiddle with piles of pieces and I finished before the bell. 
There were lots of lovely quilts in Show and Tell and here are some of them:

By Mandy Monroe and
published in a magazine.

Made for a sixth grandchild
from a panel.

More gasps of approval for Jill Dedrick's hand and machine worked quilt.

UFO sorted out and completed, one of several projects finished at last by
Fiona Jeffries(?).

Superb broderie perse quilt by, I think, Sue Jennings (?)

 Super extra large hand sewn clamshells from Maggie Brekaspear,
alternate rows of wax prints and swswe fabric quilted on her long arm.
Matching mitred corners. A favourite!

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Happy New Year

My quilting resolution is to finish quilts. To this end I am piecing my Westminster blocks, machine quilting them and joining then QAYG. I'll need to buy more wadding, though - Quilters' Dream Request, a thin cotton. The pieces feel nice and light. I didn't start with a complete batt, though.  I'm also hand quilting a quilt top from long ago. I've drafted the design and at the moment I'm not altogether convinced I'm adding value. However there is illness in the house and this gives me an occupation while sitting with the patient. I've also completed the next instalment of Carolyn Forster's BOM, again by machine. I changed it slightly. The orange and triangle shape should have been one piece but I like the suggestion of an underlying square better.