Friday, 26 March 2021

Checking in

 I have lots of quilting to do, two smaller quilts and I finally pysched myself up to quilt the Criss Cross quilt. Next is just finishing off the BOM sashing. I use my Janome for quilting and binding and put my ironing board next to me as a support. 

Quilting set up

On the Hotchpotch quilt I quilted on either side of the seams instead of in the ditch, wavy crossing lines in the border and used a 55" wide Llama print on the back. 


Having ditch quilted the two central block seams on the Criss Cross quilt I am now hand quilting in perle cotton around the stars and inside the corner hour glasses. It hasn't taken too long and I'm now going around the edge blocks. I laid out the quilt to see where I was up to. 

Criss Cross quilt

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

On the bed


A favourite scrappy quilt using "Mary's Triangles" technique units.

Monday, 15 March 2021

Sewing Room Tidy

 Having finished the last machine stitched sections of the BOM quilt and Liz Coleman's workshop project it was time to bite the bullet and get on with some quilting. First stop tidy the sewing room.

Next manhandle the big quilt through the machine sewing the inner two seams of the block.

Now I am hand quilting around the stars and the corner triangles.

So it's time for another break, this time making a couple of bags from Liz Coleman's Oast bag sewing day, a Japanese loop bag and a zipped tote. 
Very pleased with my loop bag

Zipped tote


Monday, 8 March 2021


 After Krista Moser's email landed in my inbox I decided that my veggie piece would be a good guinea pig for her mitred facing technique. So I cut strips the length of the sides plus two facing widths, laid them on and placed them on the front. 

I sewed just a short middle section (for such a small piece it should have been less than her suggested 5") and sewed the four mitres. 

I should have left 1/2" unsewn for hem turn under

I pressed and turned then to the back, made a hem, pinned and stitched in place by hand. Looking good.

Pinned in place

All done

Monday, 1 March 2021

Grow your Veg


I have changed the sky in my little hanging and added the vegetables, carrots, beetroot, onions and parsnip and a simplified version of the foliage. I was determined to finish it thisafternoon and thanks to Alan making the tea (spaghetti bolognaise and salad) I did. Once trimmed it looked much better. Now I'll face it and add a sleeve and put it to be sold at the QQ show in aid of funds.

The vaccine programme is accelerating further so I'm hopeful our show will happen.