Saturday, 17 March 2018

Queen Beez

The three Queen Beez met for one of our irregular get togethers to celebrate a birthday.
Mary's large Liberty hexes laid out ready to sew

This is from Carolyn Forster's January Oast workshop: Mary used a selection of her stash rather than a jelly roll.

The birthday girl (with Mary's quilt on the back of the sofa)

Maggie's quilt orr a soon to be born grandson: quilted on her longarm machine

Friday, 16 March 2018

Trish's DNP

Bonnie  Quilters had a Disappearing 9-Path session and here is Trish's for a family baby and ith lots of pictures to enjoy as he/she grows older.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

My final U3A day

It was the end of term day for me at the U3A class as I shall still be on my way home when the next and final session takes place. Some members showed their split 9-patch blocks and variants Margaret and I had done with them.
 Jane made some variation blocks.

Janet's using sashing like Margaret's

Linda's - a blurry photo, I'm afraid.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Home and Away

Now I am in Madeira enjoying the colourful surroundings but inbetween I caught up on a bit of duty sewing making my Siblings Together block (12"  sailing) and Perkioman Valley blocks which I pledged to the Ventura MQG at Quilt Con for victims of the California fires.

For Siblings Together

The view from here:

Perkioman Valley blocks

From the balcony

Finishing my meal

Mother's Dy flowers came too -
in a shoe box

Tuesday, 13 March 2018


Jessica Levitt: I am enough
This is about letting go of  the need to measure oneself and ones quilts against  "perfection" and to 
be "enough" in oneself in in ones quiltmaking. 
 deeply personal quilt relating to the inner struggles of the maker..

Hilary Goodwoin; Shine a Light
Embodying her response to the Presidential election: not to spend energy  criticise the other side
 but to devote her efforts to volunteering in the community and making the world better place.
Trump voters were keeping a low profile at this qult show.
I have made a couple of modest size Moon over the Mountain quilts in the past so was very
 interested to see this treatment which was not one I would have thought of
and in such lovely colours


Robert Bosscher: Take Flight
Inspired by a flock of birds taking flight.


Juli Smith: B4U
Love this quilt, the colours and the font..
Another political quilt.
"B4U Hate was hiding but LOVE will prevail In memory of Heather Heyer and all
those who have lost their lives while fighting against hate and intolerance. I will stand
with you always."

Joel Ignacio: TXIV
Cut 5" squares for a bag class and then cut them again.


Saturday, 10 March 2018


I always find some very successful pieces in he youth sector at QuiltCon on as young people go to work emboldened by the teaching and liberal approach of those close to them and their work is often technically assured.
Ann Guiam: America  the Beautiful
Made to raise awareness and to honour the lives lost in school shootings
The rows of pupils at the bottom of the quilt echo the design of the American flag.
First prize.

Detail; the message is clear.

Ginger Conner: Fragment
Inspired by a design in Sujeta Shah's book

Caitlyn Baxter: Hearts and Stars
Made with and by members of the Kids Round Robin, ages 7-8,  with help from mums.

Kyla Farquson:Family
Based on her own family: who can resist? Second prize. Aged 10


Thursday, 8 March 2018

QUILTCON:: Minimalist design

Melissa Miller Curley: Harper
"Harper is inspired by the the lines and strings of all things musical."

Though I am drawn to quilts with lots of printed fabrics and surface texture there is something to be said for the graphic impact of restraint. I found the quilts in this section with
limited palettes, enlarged blocks and bold use of line gave me food for thought.

Yvone uchs: Wayward Transparency


Marah Light: Figures
Quilted by Rebecca Canetti
Retrieved a disaster when making pairs of blocks only to find some had made made the wrong
size so they wouldn't fit together. Cutting down resulted in a new design. 

Suzy Williams: Maypole
The interweaving ribbons of olour that form this bold composition [are] reminiscent
of a traditional maypole.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

QuiltCon: Improvisational

Improvisation is an aspect of Modern Quilting that I am most

Claudia Shearer: Time Out
Cut with scissors, arranged on a design wall. The lack of a block structure made for
challenging piecing with many inset seams.
Deborah Jalbert: Leftovers #7
Kept going till the fabric ran out

I love the piecing and beautiful colours.


Debra Kidd: A little bit of this, a little bit of that
I met the maker over lunch. She did construct blocks, some interpretations of internet
images such as a chair in front a door, others just modern shapes.