Monday, 25 September 2017

Latest effort

I am now trying to use up leftover pieces from completed quilts, usually on  casual improv. lines and this follows on from my Skopolos quilt though I now wish I hadn't included the leftover block. It measures 42 x 49" and owes not a little to a Helen Howes pattern in a recent magazine.
This is the way I laid it out

but perhaps it's better this way up ?

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Last from Hever

The rose garden
Hever is a lovely day out, not just for the quilts but for the lovely gardens though the weather was rather dull this year. This year we had tickets to go round the house and were greeted by an Anne Boleyn lookalike.
Janet Hall: Red for Matt and Jo: she attended a fractured flowers workshop, a
technique I'd like to try on a smaller scale.

Louise Bell: Autumn leaves and birds in trees
Applique on linen. I like the unstructured all over use of applique elements.

Rosemary Hesketh: Nine Patch Liberty Tana Lawns

Detail of Liberty fabrics

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

More from Hever

Belinda Jeffries' Carrie's Walrus quilt
We are off to Bungay today where I'll pay a call to Sew and Sews, a  well stocked fabric shop, and Weightman's where they have a lot of wider fabrics while Alan will visit the Air Museum. Tomorrow we'll be home for lunch.
Meanwhile here are some more pictures from Hever:
My Hawaii Five-O Snails Trail

Joy Warwickand  sister Jud Kirk's lovely quilt for Joy's daughter to mark her wedding, a favourite of mine..

My Feathered Srar

Tansy Martin's magnificent Stonefield quilt which won Viewers' Choice

Marigold Martin's Union Jack quilt, a commission from her son.

My Skopolos quilt

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Suffolk travels

We are coming to an end of our Suffolk trip and have done lots of historical and cultural things. In among the memorials and the churches and castles I am also alert to textile bits and pieces.. We started off in one cottage but are now in another - where everything works! However at the first one I was pleased to see draped over a bench and rather bedraggled a quilt. I suspect the child for whom it was made is long grown up.
The Suffolk churches are wide and spacious and light filled but looking down there are usually individually needleworked kneeling pads. I love spotting all the different designs.
The cte cars

A local scene

My favourite, a sheaf of corn

Very appropriate here where fish re abundant

And on a different note an embroidery decorating a stool in th church,
rather Jacobean in its imagery.
And on my own account I have been doing a nightly stint on my Quilt of the Crosses BOM tacking the units for the blocks and joining pieces. I reckon three years; six months to tack and two years and half to sew. May send it out to quilt.. .
My BOM kit

Friday, 8 September 2017


The first weekend in September marked the annual return of the Quilters Guild Region Two Quilt Show held in the grounds of Hever Castle home to Ann Boleyn. The Hever folk provide us with a marquee and store our quilt stands and help with the hanging of the very large quilts in the centre. I help put up and take down other quilts. Alan and I bring our trusty ladder with us.
This year's show was one of the best.
by Jo Joy, a an effective use of HST's

Linus baby quilts based on a Modern Quilt group's tutor box; very young babies can only distinguih black and white

I liked the way the quilting echoed but also ovelaid the piecing: food for thought

A poor photo of a group's medallion mystery quilts

This bright one stood out

Brigitte Gillespie's Tula quilt,  shimmering around the iconic Elizabeth Tudor's image print