Thursday, 14 May 2009

Make a better fabric Workshop

The other workshop I did at Paducah was a 5-8pm one following on from Bethany and a suitably jolly end of the day class with Sylvia Woods where she showed us her way of using up all those odds and ends to make large piece, cut out a square and then use the leftovers. I had previously done similar things myself but her strategy was different. I think this is like doodling; everyone has their own intuitive method. This will remain as a sample till I get back to it.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Workshop with Bethany Reynolds

On the Friday of the Paducah Show I did an all day workshop with Bethany Reynolds of Stack'n'Whack fame, a welcome change of place. The subject was Checkerboard Tiles, an octagonal design with triangles at each corner to form a square. It was very interesting to see how diverse the different fabrics looked. I had shopped at Hancocks on the Tuesday and spent ages choosing only to discover the Kaffe Fassett paisley 24" repeat design I originally chose was half a metre short so I then hurriedly selected another print with large shapes and bought masses only to discover the repeat is only 6" so I have to fiddle to achieve sufficient variation. The good news however was that Bethany chose mine to use as a demonstration for cutting purposes - she joined the layers together with a microtack gun. Very clever. She was very calm and there was a good atmosphere and pace in the class.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Great to be in Paducah

Paducah is very different from other shows I've been to as it's a whole town exercise and I love to pace the streets and jump on buses to get to to see antique quilts at the Rotary, Eleanor Burns in her tent and traders in the Mall. I love the museum, the book sale and the shops that have sprung up around town oh and Caryl Bryer Fallert's incredible house and showroom too. I was lucky to meet up with Rosemary from the UK and four very kind and lovely American ladies, Paducah old hands, who invited me to join them for meals, took me on the round of open homes and gave me a lift to the airport which meant I caught an earlier plane. I thought Paducah had been much spruced up since my last visit in 2005 and I hope this improvement survives the present economic downtown. I hope to go back one year and while this year I felt I had to stay in the main hotel now I'm confident enough to stay elsewhere and still find my way round.


I have been very preoccupied with non-quilty things of late hence no blogging. However, I did after many concerns along the way manage to make it to the Executive Inn, Paducah, Kentucky, for a week. I was very pleased with my room which was very spacious with a king-size bed and a view over the river. The photo shows the sunrise which I saw every morning as I woke up at 10 to 5 because of the time difference. I also had a couple of chairs on my balcony from which to survey the scene. It was only when I took the photo from down below that I realised I was very lucky. More pics and workshop photos to come.