Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The day's work

These are blocks for a group quilt: we are making seven each. This is my third post today but tomorrow on the 1st I want to start blogging about a group of projects which has been occupying me on and off for a long period of time. The last two finishes on my list for the year are listed on the sidebar as Oast BNPatches 1 and 2. An article by me appeared in British Patchwork and Quilting earlier this year and it's not until this piece was over and done with did I feel free to start posting.

The view from here

This was the view from my house when I got up this morning and it's still snowing but I am warmly tucked up inside catching up with various jobs. My quilt group tomorrow evening is cancelled as we English tend to retreat in the face of snow.

And the view from here:
What I think of as my Advent quilt has just gone on the bed. Unusually for me it uses coordinating fabrics and has that Moda look comfortable but definitely no leap of the heart. I am however quite fond of it because of it's wool/cotton wadding purchased in Australia, the wonderful viyella backing bought in a sale, handquilting to look at and feel under my hand and the way I persuaded the diagonal border stripes to meet up at both ends of each side.

I've handquilted
along each stripe!

Lovely warm backing fabric

Hand quilting

Beautiful cupboards

After the famous French writer, Colette, died her husband said "Her cupboards were beautiful" which struck me as praise indeed. I can't lay claim to beautiful cupboards but having folded my yardage 14" x 8" to fit the shelves of my new linen chests I'm as near as I'll ever get. The largest pieces I did 13.5" long to allow for the extra bulk. It's amazing how this regular folding seems to magically create more space.
Specially for children's quilts

Monday, 29 November 2010

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Janome Club day

Our Janome Club led by Cathy met today. I wanted to make a book  with her as I had made one in a workshop she did in 2007 but couldn't remember the nitty gritty of how she got it to fit so closely. I did the preparation first painting the sticky rough side of Bondaweb, letting it dry and then ironing onto calico painted-sticky side down.
Then the backing paper is peeled away and sheer organza laid on top and pressed to adhere again. The piece is glue basted to felt then machine quilted, then backed (glue basting again) onto another lining fabric.
The edges are sewn one at a time to make a really snug fit.
On another note Margaret F. demonstrated the embellisher and Cathy set out some Christmas ideas though  I didn't take the photo before some were packed away. I was sitting next to Margaret W. who made her book cover fabric by stitching down strips onto a background (which became the "sky") to create a landscape effect. She cleverly used the trimming to make a matching bookmark. It was lovely.

Margaret W.'s book cover

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Sewing Room Makeover

Well not quite. Last week my adjustable height table arrived. To get it into the room I had to singlehandedly move this large (very) solid bookcase out of the way. Having taken off all the books etc I took the opportunity to have a huge weed of books I have read and old knitting books.
This gave me space to range all my quilt books in alphabetical author order. I've always had a printed list but finding a title was always difficult. Now my shelves no longer look like this:
but like this:

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Usual Suspects Day

Last Monday was Usual Suspects Day. We met at Judi's for lunch and enjoyable chat. Judy showed us her just lovely Carpenter's Wheel quilt with feathery quilting by Smart Frog

and Valerie  who has turned to handwork brought her Dresden Plate block.
I haven't posted till now because I left my camera behind. I've also been busy busy with new sewing room matters.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Bound and ready

to go. Some time ago I sandwiched three quilts for Project Linus started in an Oast workshop but put off quilting and binding while I got to grips with my BOM so today I added the binding to a small joint Linus quilt made by Judi and myself. She's done some lovely machine quilting on it and I'll hand sew the binding down at our Usual Suspects meeting on Monday. When done I'll post a picture but for now here is the orange and blue Twisted Sisters from blocks made by Oast Quilters. The backing has been turned the front and machine sewn down which makes it a bit wavy but very strong and practical.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Months 10, 11 and 12

Bom 12
At last I have finished my quota and then some. I still have various  segments cut out and will make a for sale/charity quilt to use up these extra pieces.

Month 11

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Month 9

And today I finished the September blocks.The work rate per month is increasing. To begin with we made a couple or so large blocks but the smaller ones have just as many pieces and as much sewing time so when I see nine as the task I quail a bit.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Quilting Retreat 03

I can't say my achievements equalled those of my fellow retreaters but I did get to grips with the Quilt Show BOM finishing months 7 and 8. The way I've elected to do these makes them a bit tedious. I'm being extra careful because of the swapping.

I made a table runner top but it's for a Christmas challenge and not finished yet so I won't show it.

I also made a rather naff bag really to use up the strips of Janome stitch samples I did at the Janome Club meeting.

And I finished the first half of the Katharine Guerrier blocks.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Quilting Retreat 02

Here are some more photos of attendees' work: