Wednesday, 17 June 2020

In the meantime

I should have posted this earlier as it was a draft.

ST block from 

Current quilt
pattern I am doing

Siblings together blocks

Here are three blocks which arrived in the post.
 From Georgina

From Caroll

From Claire

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Surprise in the post

Lyn made two

I received lovely right blocks from Siblings Together Bee 3 members today. There are more to come - it will be lovely to sew these up into a quilt for a young person in care.
From Jane

From Jo

All together

Monday, 8 June 2020


Rows forming on the floor

This was the third lockdown quilt I embarked on but got stymied because I ran out of the two main fabrics - I have loads of the tiny joining strip fabric needless to say. The brown carkai line  fabric was easy to replace but I can't find any more of the light fabric - all three fabrics are by Carolyn Friedlander, a favourite with me and with many. So the 8 "A" strips and 4 "B" strips are consistent but I'll have to substitute in the 3 "C" strips still to do. I miscut some pieces at the outset and then didn't notice a more economical approach after returning to the project until it was too late but I've learnt to be more philosophical about these lapses.
Rows pinned up ready to

A's on left; B's on right

ABA sets; 3 C's still to wrangle.

Saturday, 6 June 2020


Well I've added a border to the jelly roll top but it's doubtful the border has added anything to the quilt. Designwise it would have worked better if it was wider than the sashing but I didn't want the quilt to be any bigger.
My task for today is to make the hanging sleeve for Celestial Timepiece. The jelly roll quilt will eventually land on a sales table or be donated. Another task with husband's help is to get some bags of fabric down from the loft. Having used up lots of wadding I have two spare shelves and I'm struggling with finding backing fabric and need more options.
Presents from Belinda

The post girl often brings goodies thanks to online purchases but this cornucopia of nice things came from dear friend Belinda. I keep the soft backed notebook by my bed where it's useful for jotting down all sorts of things.
And the clock in my sewing room which my parents bought with Green Shield stamps has died so I requested this one from Alan. It was just as I had hoped from the picture. Now tea might be on time.
My new clock

The weather has turned chilly so a thicker quilt was needed on the bed. It's the third bed quilt I made using Sally Schneider's "Mary's Triangles" technique. Although it uses leftovers it's very successful and we feel as if we are under the sea, a choppy sea.
Quilt on the bed

Binding cut on the bias.

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Jelly Roll Crosses

I've sashed my blocks and joined the rows and today my border fabric arrived so I'm adding that at the moment.
Made with a Lewis and Irene Paracas jelly roll.

Monday, 1 June 2020

June Siblings Together block

I call this block Roman Cross. I have just finished a top using this pattern and am just sewing up a jelly roll four strip version. My source was a 1994 magazine piece by Sheila Scawen. If you trawl back through my May 2020 posts you'll see a picture of it and on the 18th more instructions for WOF strips so you can have same colour crosses. 
Here I am using fat quarters to make one block, fabrics from a rainbow colour bundle from Purple Stitches. Strips need to be 21+ usable inches by 2.5".

5 different strips: outer ones will form
the cross

Sew two pairs aligning one end

Now add fifth strip aligning with the same end, pinning but sewing from the opposite end to avoid bowing.

Once  sewn and pressed cut the strip set into two 10.5" squares
and cut these diagonally in the same direction with the same fabric at the top, either left to right or right to left.

Combine the triangles from both squares into one large block (about 14") with the long bias edges on the outside.

Sew into pairs, pressing
towards the single strip.

Finally sew into a single block.
Press carefully avoiding the bias

Another one. If you undo the stitches in the seam allowance on
either side of the long seam you can make your seams circle round in the same direction which makes for a flat centre.