Monday, 16 December 2019

U3A Mystery Quilt, clue FOURTEEN

Getting there
Use the two remaining Set A's to join the two Y and Z squares as shown.
Note the asymmetric layout whereby one background square is framed by Fabric 1 and the other by Fabric 3.
Press in toward centre Set A's.
Ready to join

Saturday, 14 December 2019

U3A Mystery Quilt Clue THIRTEEN

The heart of the matter
Locate the fabric 1 square you've been saving and sew a Set C unit to each side of it aligned as shown.
Note the asymmetric positions of the Fabric 1 and 3 strips.
Press toward the C sets.
Ready to sew


Thursday, 12 December 2019

U3A Mystery Clue TWELVE

Take the 2 remaining HST units from Clue 10 and add a single QST to one side of each in the same alignment in both cases, either on the right or the left so that they are identical.
Press toward the QSTs.
Two lobsided units

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

U3A Mystery Clue ELEVEN

Getting  in a flap
Take just two of the HST units from Clue 10 and add QST's on either side as shown. (2 QST's remain).
Take care to match the two right angles as neatly as you can.
Press towards the QST's.

U3A Mystery Quilt Clue TEN

What's the point?
Take all four ABC units you made earlier and attach all four large background HST's to the long edge with the Fabric 1 squares. 
The important thing is to match the centre of the long triangle side with the centre of the ABC units. 
The triangle corners will stick out at the sides. 
Be careful with the long edge of the HST as it is on the bias and stretchy.
Press as desired.
The label should read "X 4" !!

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

U3A Mystery Quilt Clue NINE

Return of Set Square
Take the two Set D's and sew to two Set C's to make 2 more squares (2 set C's left).
This time Fabric 1 forms a frame around the background squre.
Press toward the D set.
Label Z square.
Z square

U3A Mystery Quilt Clue EIGHT

Set Square
Take the two Set B's and sew to two C Sets to form two squares (4 Set C units left).
Again Fabric 3 frames the background square while the strip squares are at right angles to the Fabric 1 square.
Press towards the B set and label Y square. 
Two Y square units