Friday, 27 April 2012

And Percy came too.

Our raffle quilt

Crab & Winkle met to sort out tombola items and price up things for the sales table. It's strange how tasks quite boring in themselves can be quite enjoyable when done as a group. Maggie has quilted our first prize raffle quilt on her new longarm and it's perfect. The courthouse steps one has been handquilted by Pam. Marion has sewn on bindings and now I'm to do the labels. Maggie also showed us a practice piece she has done for herself, custom quilted and with complicated feathered designs turning corners and with in the ditch quilting , very difficult on a longarm machine. Percy the cat was banished for most of the day but managed a sneak peak from the day bed.
Second prize couthouse steps raffle quilt

Maggie's practice quilt

And Percy came too.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

All present and correct

Tunic and leggings

Today I've completed my quota of Little people - 7 sets of 10 different ones. I got quicker as I went along. My last two were tunic and leggings girl and one in two piece swimsuit. I sewed the last stitch as the Archers closing theme tune rang out this evening. I've listened to this radio serial all my adult life and my husband has listened since childhood!

At the beach

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Quilt Show BOM

No little people today. I hand quilted Isla's quilt when the Usual Suspects met at Belinda's for chat and laughter. Tracy has assembled the Quilt Show BOM top from blocks made by all of us. She was the last to start and the first to finish - an incentive to the rest of us! The man in the background is a tree cutter.

Monday, 9 April 2012


Pinafore & T-shirt

I've completed 8 (keeping one back for myself) little girls in pinafore and T-shirt and have done most of the strip piecing and pre-sewing of a demure little person who nevertheless didn't look in the mirror before setting out so has got threads on her clothes. I just had to finish the one just to see what she looked like.

Girls so far

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Female of the species

Here is the first of the girls wearing a sundress. I have delved into my mother's fabric drawer and the dress is made from vintage dress material probably manufactured somewhere in my home county of Lancashire. Not any more! I realiose I've got camera shadow on the photo - will take a better one later.
I'm feeling a bit smug as I've polished 2 24" prison baby quilts  from Isla's leftovers. I'm pleased with the decorative stitch used actually on the binding which lies flat, not always the case when machine sewn down.

Friday, 6 April 2012

"creeping like a snail"

"unwillingly to school"

Here is the last of the boys, the schoolboy wearing the primary school unform of red sweatshirt and grey trousers. His face was too pale at first and hard to distinguish but I've fixed it!

Pale Face

5 sets of 7 boys plus spares

Between boys and girls I'm taking a wee break to make a 24" prison baby quilt using squares from Isla's quilt fabrics and a unifying embossed gingham.

3 rows complete

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Junior Soccer Player

The latest addition is a junior soccer player. I think he's a boy from Brazil!
I shall make one more boy and then it's the turn of the girls - much prettier. I've been keeping my figures simple and using strip piecing rather than lots of small fiddly pieces. I think the essence of this project is multifariousness rather than detail.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Brit boy's first day at the beach

The latest addition

This young chap is on holiday in Spain and it's his first day on the beach. He's still very pale!

Monday, 2 April 2012

End of year

Well it is the end of year for the   U3A  Patchwork Class, anyway. The lovely students gave Margaret, the tutor, and myself, assistant tutor, a bunch of flowers and a very special egg each. They have been a lovely group and the good news is three have signed up for Quay Quilters in Faversham. We always need new members and these ladies are a very welcome addition, one even becoming secretary.
I demonstrated Secret Gardens and continuous bias binding and will try to take photos of my samples before I put them away or complete them.
The Show & Tell had an end of term feel with some larger completed or nearly so projects. Margaret and I are already coming up with ideas for the autumn.
Helen's making a  quilt for her latest grandchild.

Bid's birdy doorstop

Bid's throw made from Welsh Mill woollens backed with fleece.

Quilt made from blocks demonstrated during the year

Isabel's table runner

Quilt made from self quilted units

Joyful "anything goes" quilt.

Lalita's bag

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Suburban boy out to play in new blue jeans.

The little people are proliferating. I made a lot of farm boys as I had not read the instructions properly. Now I have been making suburban boy in blue jeans out to play. I managed to trim one down 1/4 inch less than I should so have to remake a section.. It is sewing, sewing, sewing and then suddenly one is joining sewn sections together and all is done.