Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Before unpacking everything I rearranged my sewing room putting my cabinet in its summer position under the window. I also trawled through my samples box and threw some items out. I am a hoarder but the the extent of my stash etc oppresses me sometimes. I'm psyching myself up for having a table at the next stash sale but it's unlikely I'll manage. I'm the sort who buys up everyone else's stuff! Meanwhile I'm sworn to a buying boycott. However I am now tidy and it's lovely - feel the zen when I sew now.
This afternoon I machine sewed the binding on
a 24" Linus quilt started in a Carolyn Forster class. I have an aversion to curves and Drunkard's
Path type ones especially, hence the small sample.
However I love Carolyn's workshops because of all the
wonderful quilts, her own and vintage, she brings with her.
I also made the basis for a Honey Bee block and will add the "petals" anon.

Honey Bee in the making, fabrics "Doe" by Carolyn Friedlander, apart from the rust

Circles for Linus

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Last Days

Judi's D9P

Valerie (maker) and Maggie (quilter). Wow!

Great quilt

Belinda's blocks - more piecing to come.

Ingrid made this one for Linus

Thursday, 23 April 2015

In the meantime

my friends were busy:

Judi's disappearing pinwheel, very crisp and graphic

Izzy's baby panel

Detail of Marigold's Quilt of the Crosses

Marigold's delightful little tree folk 
Marigold's Quilt of the Crosses in Liberty fabrics
Judi's HST's in lovely fabrics, one row to go

Maggie's tumblers

Last Full Day

Ressellated cushion using william Morris charm squares

Linus top started in Carolyn Forster workshop now sandwiched, quilted
and binding attached.

Orphan block cushion for QQ sale table.

I haven't worked very hard but I have finished off a few things that were lying around and that now I can get out of the house and hopefully into someone else's. I also went into town and did my fabric and food shopping to take home and late afternoon went on a super beautiful brisk walk in good company.

We have been busy

Mandy's Petra Prins project with more to come

Ingrid's bright strips

Judy's in the making

Maggie's African quilt top less corners

My meagre efforts

 The time I wasn't walking or talking didn't go very far today as I made two blocks using templates, mended one bag and attached a cushion back to a cushion front.
Struggled with this one

Interlaced Star

Easy respite block

Bag with mended handle

Cushion cover

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Around the room

Here's what was going on around the room.
Valerie's completed top. Hurrah!

And a detail

Isabel's disappearing four patch

Judi's pretty half square triangles

Carrie's pink cobblestones

Maggie's blocks laid out

Detail of the African fan fabrics, Schweschwe?

Second day

Bonnie quilt taking shape

Belinda's block

My 12" block

In the morning I added joining strips to the remaing Bonnie quilt sections and joined as much as I could before I need to hand sew the back joining strips. I prefer to do the hand sewing at home. Once done I made a respite novelty block. And Belinda made one too
Maggie had longarmed a quilt for me over the weekend and brought it with her. I slept under it last night and today attached the binding reserving the hand sewing to do at home. Then I made another block. This evening I was using templates to cut out out Bonnie sampler blocks and will do another tomorrow and sew them.
Quilt minus binding on my bed

Now the binding is on

Another novelty block to mark a completed task.


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

What else was afoot?

Trying out Isabel's split four patches on point.

Isabel's uilt

and detail

Mandy's magnum opus folded in half. It's big!

First day of retreat

My Interlaced Star

My Carnival Ride block which I think was originated by Judy Martin
though I drafted this and the other block myself.

Lots of time to sew and no meals. My first task was my Bonnie blocks stint.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Bright Headland

Quilts festooning church pews

Bright Headland Quilters of Sheerness held their Open day yesterday and it seemed a good excuse for a jaunt. There used be a naval dockyard at Sheerness and I believe ships timbers went into the making of the church. It's not unlike being on a ship as the floors slope and if you look closely at the photo you can see how the pews on either side slope towards one another. We were supposed to follow up the Quilt Show with a picnic and a walk along the fron by the sea. In the event we picnicked in the car (expected) but it was bitterly cold with a strong wind so we chickened out of the walk and drove home. My highlights were:

Bid's wonderful "African" quilt  started in
Maggie's Oast workshop. Great border!

Detail of the twirling hexagons.

Bad photo but I like the colours.

Wonderfully graphic

By Sue Mahoney - what fun!

This one was nicely quilted by Maggie - made by Denise.