Sunday, 25 November 2012

Back again

I've had yet more frustrating days finding my access is blocked by my security programme but am  now back, hopefully for longer. Here are pictures of two Linus 24" quilts I have made. I have yet to take photographs of more significant finishes and I have masses of sewing down bindings on others.

Leftover squares

Leftover block and border on the bed!

Reverse of little squares quilt

Little squares on the bed.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Weekly stint complete

Cushion front

The back with zip closure

I finished a long ago cushion cover, which I started in a workshop with Lynne Edwards, this morning (2003-2012) as the colours match my living room and I was fed up with seeing it on my to do list. I have another cushion back to complete and attach but I need to buy a royal blue zip first. This one is for my kitchen.
I've now attached bindings to all the "little" quilts so along with the hand quilting of the sampler I have something to keep me busy while watching TV on long winter evenings.
Last night was Quay Quilters and we gathered the charity blocks we have been making but the desired optical illusion was absent - we should have specified dark, medium and light.

Next job lists and packing for my quilting retreat next week and preparing a Trip Around the World workshop for the U3A.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


It's great to be back - my blog has been closed to me for a day or two, no idea why. Only the pictures showed and the same for blogs I follow. I have been very busy and still have to take more photos. I am off on a quilting retreat next week so have been mopping up smaller projects which were nearly done but not quite. In turn these are using up fabrics from larger items as I am trying to cut down on the plethora of scraps.
Stack and whack squares with binding attached

Leftovers, now quilted

Leftovers showing soft brushed cotton back.

The to do pile

1995 sampler sandwiched and backed with super flowery viyella (50/50 wool/cotton) ready to hand quilt during the winter months

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Been busy

I see I have left 2 weeks between posts as yesterday was the latest Bonnie's meeting. Trish had completed the next stage ahead as the pattern is very unclear at this point and she is our chief worker outer so wanted to make sure she was right. Mavis and Fran made progress but I had brought completely the wrong box but I listened to the discussions and today took the plunge on my own account.
Trish's - the blue border will have applique on it.

Mavis's - a colour switch

Fran's, very subtle and controlled.

Mine - very "New England"

Friday, 2 November 2012

Afternoon with Bonnie's

This afternoon Mavis showed us her magnificent hexagon quilt "sandwich" mostly hand pieced and only started a matter of months ago. It's based on a small picture of an old quilt. We also showed where we are up to with our medallion centres - I posted mine earlier.
Mavis's hexagons




Making a start

I started piecing my long ago sampler quilt today. I'm very glad I decided to go for a side by side effect. I'll think about border(s) later. It's very difficult when the fabrics today are now so different. I do have a possibility but will wait for the top. Meanwhile I have been sandwiching and a Linus quilt and cushion top lie on the bed awaiting  quilting. I did quilt the little leftovers of leftovers 24" Linus quilt (they do need this size). I was pleased I could follow a drawn stencil line with my walking foot. However the  marks did not come off the poplin hearts fabric as they did off the orange corners. I even wonder if the hearts fabric doesn't contain poly.
Love these sampler blocks

Awaiting quilting

All done