Sunday, 26 June 2011

Janome Club day

Ruth from Janome came today to show us various attachments and their uses and Jim from the sewing machine shop was in attendance. I bought a gadget to attach beads (and I don't do embellishment) and another very effective circle maker. Best of all I learnt how to use the cording foot which I do have.
Going round in circles

Janome circles sample

corded labels

Here we are

Margaret's "vase"

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Crab & Winkle Meeting

I nearly missed this meeting and needed a reminder phone call as despite having got out various things to take I completely forgot perhaps because my thoughts were taken up by family news from another group of quilters I'd met with in the afternoon. Anyway I eventually got there and celebrated the other Mary's (I'm a Mary too) win with a sparkling drink. Marion played the Sandown photos from her camera on the TV which as I'd missed the show I very much appreciated and it was enjoyable to dissect them with the others. I took a picture of the TV with a proud Mary on the screen by her quilt and in the background Marion's cat quilt for which we all made blocks. Maggie showed us two  quilts and Marion the music quilt she'd machine quilted for Bea and her apple core top, all curved seams!
I will try to have some stuff of my own to show next week but I'm very preoccupied with Quay Quilters' upcoming show and can't settle to anything till it's over. Once up I shall enjoy it.
Mary on TV!

Maggie with baby quilt

Quilt for the garden

Marion's apple core quilt top

Bea's music stack and slash with Marion's machine quilting including treble clefs.

Friday, 24 June 2011

In these shoes!

I think Goody Two Shoes came to visit last weekend. She told her mum she had to bring ALL her shoes, mostly sandals in various permutations of pink but these dressing up shoes were the piece de resistance!
I know some grown ups who would like these.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Farmers Wives

This is the latest batch of Farmers wives (40-43) with Nancy's gift of a rosebud block bottom left though I can't get the camera to show the large triangles as definitely green rather than blue.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Usual Suspects Day

Quilt for a tiny baby

Another little baby quilt

Tracy with workshop blocks

We had our usual enjoyable day (and LUNCH and CUP CAKES!) with Show & Tell of blocks Tracy started in the Oast Carolyn Forster workshop, New York Beauties Belinda embarked on with Sue Sharp in France and little delicate quilts for hospice babies Judi is making to be sent to a dear friend in the US who has prompted this project.

Belinda's New York beauties

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Yarn Sale

I have been selling my excess machine knitting yarns on eBay as cones amassed are out of sync with years remaining. It's good to have the wool rehoused and create some necessary space. De cluttering is a long term process. The task has been made easier because every wool is catalogued. A sample of each is threaded and numbered in my file and at the back the weight and characteristics of each noted as well as which bag it is in. I am working my way through one or two bags at a time and reducing each by at 50% and in some cases (industrial acrylic) 100%, some going to charity shops. I love addressing the parcels with far flung UK destinations .

Page once yarns deleted

Before weeding

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Farmer's Wife

A Farmer's Wife Rosebud block arrived  from Nancy near Philadelphia who is very appropriately amassing a whole herd of cows in block form. The fabrics are lovely and it will look good with the ones I'm making.
Nancy's block

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Nature red in tooth & claw

We always have magpies, a bird I'm not too keen on as I think they predate on other nicer birds and today I saw a really vicious scene of one in a supine defensive position but definitely still able to lash out with his beak at his adversary who was soon joined by two others alternately onlookers and attackers. Fortunately my final camera click startled them and one flew off in one direction and three in the other though they soon wheeled round in pursuit.

On a more cheerful note the Usual Suspects met up to celebrate Valerie's lunch at the Wife of Bath and Judi just back from Pennsylvania had lots of goodies to distribute in lovely bags from Marshalls, a good size for workshop requirements. In mine were three bundles from the Old Country Store,  two for Quilt Show prizes and one for me to choose for a thank you present for a special person. Lovely blue and yellow was the answer. All this and some novelties too which I collect. Also a lovely farmer's wife block from Nancy but this deserves a blog post all to itself!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Book Cover

I have got Cathy's book cover technique down to a tee or so I believe. I didn't even look at the instructions for this one made from "cheater" schwe schwe fabric which covers a plain sheet notebook destined for our tombola table.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Top Done

This is my Portland quilt as that is where the fabrics were bought. When I put the top together keeping the orange pieces on the border as far as possible as they were so dominant I still felt I could balance it better by resewing one block. Can you see it??
Version One

Version Two

With final border added

The changed block is the middle bottom one; changing it meant the other pieces were balanced with equivalent fabrics diagonally across.
I like the finished quilt more than I thought I would. The asymmetry of it seems a bit Japanese to me and I'm pleased I chose some of my nicer fabrics. In the past I've tended to choose less favoured fabric for workshop quilts but I am now set on using it up!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Stack & Slash workshop

Stacked fabrics cut up and labelled ready to sew

Saturday was an in house Oast workshop day led by Marion Fox which was very enjoyable and quick sewing starting with a pile of six different 18" squares which we then sliced and moved the top fabrics down to make different combinations which would result in six different crazy blocks.

I used Amy Butler type fabrics bought in Portland and as they were half yards decided to make two sets of blocks but others went on to border their quilts. Marion gave advice on settings, sashing, how to quilt and particularly binding showing how to mitre corners and a very nifty way of completing continuous binding which I hadn't come across before. I show various fellow participants' work as well as my own blocks in progress.
Sewn into rows ready to combine into a block

Friday, 3 June 2011

Crab & Winkle

Rocket with RicRac

Stars within stars

Marion's novelty medley
Crab & Winkle met at my house this evening and we showed and told - bag and covered notebook from me but I haven't taken a picture of the bag yet. Maggie has nearly finished the quilt for her great nephew and Marion has added more novelty squares.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Bag Construction

I'm still making two bags at a time and it seems to be a very long winded process.. However it's a pattern I like very much that has seemed quite quick and easy in the past. One thing I like which I often transfer to other patterns is the cutting out of a square from the bottom sides, then joining the side and bottom seams (I cover them which is one reason why the bagmaking is taking more time) and then lining up the bottom and side seams and flattening the opening and sewing across so avoiding that bulky triangle at the base of a bag.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

More from the Janome Club

Margaret W's previously created fabric
 The theme was fabric creation and among several examples on Cathy's 'teaching table' were the book cover and cushion shown here. Margaret had already had some practice at a fabric creation technique and here are her examples. Meanwhile another member had made this snakes and ladders game complete with fabric oversize die for a lucky grandchild. She created it not with applique but machine embroidery.
Cathy's book cover

Cathy's cushion

Machine embroidery