Saturday, 27 July 2013

Compare and Contrast






Bonny Quilters got together last Friday. Having been away and out for a big chunk of the past fortnight I had fallen slightly behind but will be all caught up very shortly. We were quite surprised to find how differently we'd followed (or not) Trish's instructions but we are all content. Next up is a single row of 1" squares. I've completed two. I have been measuring and checking; I am taking pains and this quilt is giving me confidence in my accuracy. The others are also embarking on paper pieced hexagons as take along projects but having made a large Grandmother's Flower Garden at the outset of my quilt making I am paper pieced out.
Trish's hexagon project.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Three Usual Suspects

Paella ready to serve

The 22nd has proved notable for a meeting of three Usual Suspects and the arrival of a certain baby boy. I hope Kate is now fast asleep. Valerie was hand sewing and I took along the two quilts from yesterday but talked more than stitched. Judi has been very busy. I'll show a couple but I'm not quite sure if all are for public viewing or not. And people ask me if I ever do anything else but sew. Well this morning I cleaned ny house apart from the sewing room before setting off and I did the sewing room when I got home and made paella for tea and took a photo to prove it. Tomorrow I'm off to see a friend whose passion is knitting so I'm looking forward to see what she does. I'm also taking my machine in for service which will be a wrench.

Modern baby four patch

Shirtings strippy

Sunday, 21 July 2013

In a bind

I spent quite a long time looking for the binding I knew I'd made yesterday - drawers, rooms etc. Finally I remembered I'd pinned it onto my noticeboard. I attached it and then quilted and attached the binding to a U3A Trip Around the World quilt. The thick green marking lines should come out if my test piece was right.Now I'm well set up for hand sewing which stood me in good stead watching the final laps of the Tour de France. Well done Chris Frome and Team Sky.
"Lost" binding

Autumn strings, binding attached

Lesley's Trip Around the World


Friday, 19 July 2013

Retail therapy

Ilfracombe Quay with Damiam Hirst's "Verity" holding aloft the sword
of truth. Damian Hirst comes from this part of the world and lives nearby.

I did some research before going to Ilfracombe and the name 2 Green Monkeys cropped up but more as a business that made things. However there it was in the High Street and I talked to the owner while her embroidery machine busied itself making fortune cookies for a wedding. She started off working from home but was so busy she needed to employ her mother as well and found she needed extra space. So the shop was taken on as a workroom but her mother suggested she she should put the bolts she used to make her products at the front for passers by to buy. The selection is small but her choices are fresh and modern. I shopped and I love my purchases. She is lucky to live in a place that is beautiful and where I assume shop rents are low.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Bonnies' borders

Bonnie Quilters got together last week after a long break and compared churn dash borders. Mine can be seen in an earlier post..



Next one to do:Trish's sample

Border placement: aide memoire

Fran is making two and this is her second one

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Arlington Court

I've enjoyed a lovely morning and lunchtime wandering round Ilfracombe but later in the afternoon decided to get in the car and make for Arlington Court, a National Trust property in a most remote and beautiful spot. It was the home of the Chichester family until 1949 when the unmarried daughter of the house left it to the National Trust.
I was pleased on my tour of the house to see two patchwork quilts. Earlier in the day I saw a small crazy quilt in a pram at the museum. My children were pushed in just such a pram. Meanwhile an exhibition at the theatre displayed textile pieces by Sandy Campbell,

Textile piece by Sandy Campbell

1890 quilt made locally. The silks are disintegrating.
Some fabrics date from a century before.

Quilt made by Mrs Page in the early 20th century

Fragile silks

Fussy cutting

Monday, 15 July 2013

Last meeting of the summer term

Last Wednesday we presented the prizes from our show and learnt we have collected just over £2700 for the Admiral Nurses charity. These wonderful people support the carers of those with alzheimers and dementia. Quite a few people connected with the charity including one of the nurses came to our show. Our raffle quilt raised more than £1300 of this and it went to a non quilter who came back specially for the draw at the end and was virtually in tears when her ticket came out of the packed drum.
detail of Helen's quilt

Helen's last quilt quilted by Vanessa

another detail


Our 2011 show was in support of the Pilgrims' Hospice who had greatly helped Helen Appleby, one of our members. At this show we displayed Helen's last quilt top quilted and finished by Vanessa. At our meeting we decided to give it to the hospice for fundraising or to use as they think fit.

Young Quilter

A certain young person came to stay this weekend without her older brother for the first time. She declared she wanted to sew so she made a bag, designing the applique and placement of the fussy cut butterflies all by herself and though only six did all the pressing and sewing. I did most of the cutting (note to self:  buy some lefthanded paper and sewing scissors for next time).

Thursday, 11 July 2013

QQ Show

This time last week it was a full day at the Quay Quilters' Show, including an evening session. I'm still recovering but it was fun and we enjoyed meeting all our visitors and spending extended time together. I was the "judge" though it's not taken too seriously and the idea is to simply share our work. However here are the ones I chose. One criteria was size!!
Mavis's pink hexagons won a third prize rosette. Mags' quilt on the right
is edged by tiny prairie triangles.

Trish's Stars, second prize, and a Katharine
Guerrier design.

Ruby's first prize quilt based on one in Karla Alexander's
Stack the Deck Revisited

Vanessa's superb quilt made from shirtings with cleverly  manipulated
stripes and unbelievable FMQ on a domestic machine.

Monday, 8 July 2013

End of Term

Well not literally but it feels like that after a non-stop week of our group quilt show, an Oast meeting, meeting to plan Houston classes and today an Oast workshop with Janet Clare. She gave an excellent talk on Saturday and the workshop today was just as good. after a failed first attempt a few months ago I didn't try FMQ on my Pfaff but I made myself get to grips with the instruction book before the class and set it up. Janet has the same machine and reassuringly confirmed all was well AND told me I could wind the bobbin without unthreading the needle - alone worth the class fee. The results of the day were various and we had fun. Now I can slowly sort things out and start to join the U3A autumn quilt QAYG. Here are pictures of practice pieces I made today.



House and washing line