Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Gillian Travis Workshop

Gillian Travis came to speak at Oast. We were all amazed by the adventurous travelling she has done  and the creativity of her output. Sadly on the eve of her two workshops she was called away for a serious family event but she left samples, kits and worksheets behind.  Judi Kirk who was familar with her fusible reversible applique technique stood in and  gave an excellent demonstration and the people on my day produced some excellent work. I had always intended to view it as a technique not a project day (I don't make wall hangings) so having made full notes during Judi's presentation and collected Gillian's materials I proceeded to have a UFO day or rather work on my current Bonnies stint of sewing strip sets, cutting them into QST's  and making octagon wheels.



One of my monster blocks

Friday, 20 July 2018

Top done

I've finally sewn all those flying geese and added them on the borders of  last years Bonnie quilt: Jackie's chequers. Jackie White's pattern was rewritten to be made with templates (by me) and we all enjoyed the different blocks.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Mug Bag

I have indeed now made a fresh mug bag. This is to carry our mug to sewing days and meetings where tea is made and we need a cup to put it in.
On another note here are U3A members enjoying a day of hand sewing techniquesat my house. There was a geographical element for as well as hand piecing attendees made Suffolk Puffs, sewed Kensington Stitch and made a Manx Log Cabin Block. A relaxing and sociable time.
Hard at work

Monday, 9 July 2018

Mug Bag Workshop

On Saturday I went to a Quilters' Guld mug bag workshop taught by Tracy Aplin. It was a lovely class. Tracy is brilliant. I was not and for the final step didn't look at the instructions or ask Tracy. So my lining appeared on the front of my bag instead of inside. I am still mad with myself as I really liked my outside fabric. I am now going to make a slightly smaller one with the bit I have left.
My ill fated pieces

Class production line

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Quay Quilters 2019 raffle quilt

  1. At the end of June some members gathered to assemble the blocks for our raffle quilt and the finished result was held up for us all to see. Now we are hand quilting. Next we'll add a border which Vanessa will machine quilt. The pattern comes from an older book of mine and is by Mary Hickey, I think.

Success with Stripes workshop

My two 15" blocks photographed after I got home. Shown on top of beautiful 100 year old wholecloth. I love its annual appearance on our bed.

Mitred corners one way

and with parallel stripes . . .

We were all very pleased with our samples and indeed had success with stripes.
Student pieces


Jane made a more complex block in a complex stripe!

Friday, 6 July 2018

Stripy quilts

Carolyn showed showed many pieces she had made showing the possibilities of stripes. Here is a small selection.
Star rose

The small piece on the left is based on a very popular bed quilt in the Guild's collection.

Double Pinwheels

Thursday, 5 July 2018

TQG retreat: talks

Lynn'e blanket stitched applique

Signature cathedral window technique

I didn't have my camera with me for Lynne Edwards' talk but went back for it at the end and just caught a corner of one with lovely hand blanket stitch and one of her signature Cathedral Windows variation pieces. Next night for Carolyn's  presentation I was on the front row to view her collection of antique quilts.
I loved this homely scrappy piece

Includes clever use of  stripes

The tiny triangles' sides measure just 3mm. Turn of  C19th/20th ribbon patchwork

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul turkey red quilt inspired Carolyn's piece at left.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Traditional Quilt Group retreat in Lincolnshire

The new TQG banner

I've just got back from a super retreat with the TQG a specialist group of the Quilters' Guild. We had a choice of three tutors. I straightaway knew I wanted to do "Success with Stripes" with  Carolyn Gibbs. Lynne Edwards' "Patchwork in Perspective" was very popular but I have already done this and have the cushion to prove it. For the hand applique fans there was a rare chance to study with Shirley Bloomfield and produce exquisite but time consuming pieces. I think all attendees were happy with their choices and the chance to do one and a half longer days (9am to 5pm on Saturday and three and a half hours more on Sunday.) In addition we heard two super talks from Lynne the first evening and Carolyn on Saturday.
Lynne's students

Carolyn's class: I'm on the far left of picture

And Shirley's students with robins

On the drive there I stopped at Woolthorpe Manor where Isaac Newton was born in 1642 and grew up and where in his early twenties he developed his theory of gravity inspired by an apple falling from a tree.
Where Isaac grew up and where he returned in  the Plague Years
of 1665-6 and experienced the most creative period of his life.

The tree. It blew over in a storm but the remained rooted and grew up again.

The house, that of a yeoman farmer.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Gillian Travis

As Gillian Travis is coming to speak and teach  at Oast shortly it was especially interesting to see a display of her work at the Sandown show.