Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Log Cabin Star 08

Now inset seams have been mastered join the units in the same way unstitching as you go. Note the centre star points will be unstitched too and you will circle your seams in the same direction.
Join two tumbling block units and press to one side.
Unpick any stitches in the centre seam allowances.

As before place third unit on the unpressed unit, pin and sew. Unpick.

Wrong side up and the final open seam away from you, bring
seams two and three towards you so that the centre TB unit is
folded up between the side units.

Pin, sew and unstitch.

Now you have three gaps and three obtuse units to insert.

Place obtuse diamond on the unpressed side . . .

Pin and sew past the edge, then unpick and turn wrong side up with unsewn seam away from you
and fold, pin and stitch as before.

All done

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Julie Fukuda said...

.... why I sew everything by hand ... But it sure looks great!