Sunday, 5 July 2015

Day Six: in and around Sisters

Inside the Stitchin' Post

Outside the Stitchin' Post with raffle quilt on the left
We've had an enjoyable and relatively restful day today. First call the Stitchin' Post to  register and shop with a 10% discount. Satisfied expressions on the faces of my two companions. Then Eggs Bendict and wicked French Toast for breakfast and a Show and Tell of purchases.
Back to the car and off to Bend for Jo-Ann's. We were armed with a 20% discount and bought some favourite notions such as blue headed pins, extra cutting blades and Tulip needles. We also got some washaway adhesive tape which is good for zips.
BJ's Shop Hop Sew A Row

Our house: the right hand balcony is nine and the one on the left, Belinda's
with views of the Sisters mountains
Back in the car we tested the phone sat nav which said BJ's was five minutes walking distance away but we drove anyway and felt very silly as it was just across the street. I thought this was a lovely shop and I love the fabrics I got there. I think that this probably my last stop shopping wise. Back at the house it was time to relax but after a up of tea I set out to the PO diagonally opposite end of the town to here as I've hardly walked since arriving. I stopped off to take pictures of quilts made by Ugandan women on display in the Sisters Coffee Company.
Ugandan quilts at the Sisters Coffee Company

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Arrived in Sisters

A quilt incorporating pictures of travels with a friend

A sewing space with fabric neatly folded and ready to cut

More in the stairwell

The three of us set off for Sisters today pausing at Gayle's house to check out her amazing work and sewing spaces. I use the plural advisedly and there was a lot of organisation and ingenious storage solutions involved. I was overwhelmed! We visited Quilters' Attic in Terrebonne and Material Girl in Redmond where I forgot to take the usual exterior picture. We got settled in our lovely house and went supermarket shopping at Rays which was festooned with quilts. Eating out at the Three Creeks we admired another lovely quilt on the wall.
Magnificent bargello quilt on display at The Quilters'Attic

Sisters Show quilt on display at he restaurant; it
was a mystery quilt set by Valori Wells and
using her fabric


Friday, 3 July 2015

Road Trip Day Three

Quilt hanging in one of the bedrooms.

Breakfast at sewNgo
I was quite sorry to leave Nancy and SewNgo  behind. I went for a walk very early and encountered a doe and two small fauns. I loved walking over to the workroom and like the house it is lovely with lots of inspirational quilts on show. I also had a good night's sleep in very comfy bed. Nancy is a excellent cook and the food is beautifully presented; even the breakfast was exquisite.
We drove through beautiful countryside in Washington state to arrive at a "quilt shop in a field"
The quilt shop in a field.
which had bolts stacked everywhere. Then on to Fabric Depot in Portland, a huge store with a 25% discount off everything.

Inside Fabric Depot
After picking up our hire car we joined our host's quilt group for appetisers at the Golf Club a fitting finale to a great trip with great company and lots of laughs. Now we're packed and ready for the next stage of the adventure in Sisters.
View from the nineteenth hole.

Dinner with the quilters

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Road Trip Day Two

Friends in Salem
Window display at Boersma's, McMinneville

Today has been brilliant. Although as the day wore on temperatures reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit we weren't exposed to the heat too much as we managed to park right by the three quilt shops we visited, the most brilliant so far: lovely quilt samples on walls and suspended from ceilings had us seeking out patterns and fabrics. I think I now have what I need for my Sarah Fielke class next week.
We did a lot of driving from Seaside to Washington State crossing the river at Portland but this enabled us to see thecountryside. Now we are in a quilt Quilt Retreat in quiet surroundindgs and enjoying delicious food.
Quilt Blocks on barn seen along the way

Pine Needle Quilt Shop, Lake Oswego; eye catching displays
as marketing tool for fabric, books and patterns.

Quilt Retreat

Retreat workshop outside

And inside

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Full Day

Now we're all sitting around in a condo in seaside, Oregon, clutching our tablets but with half an eye on The Theory of Everything which we can follow because we've seen it before. We've been to four Quilt Shops getting better and better as we proceeded but best of all to the Latimer Quilt Museum, a very homely former country school where there were people occupied in knitting and weaving in various rooms and where Barb had arranged for us to have a bed turning.. We also walked along the ranks of boxed quilts and looked at the pictures on the fronts.

Do these lime green centres work?

Entranceway to the museum

Amazing indigo quilts on the walls

Interesting turn of the century top

Redwork detail

Half inch hexagons, a first (and probably last!) quilt

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

the view from here

We are lucky to be staying with a fellow quilter here in Oregon with a wonderful view of Mount Hood. Today we visited our first Shop Hop shop in Mount Hood where I bought a prize for the QQ show and a novelty FQ for me. Then up to Timberline Lodge at the foot of Mount Hood with ski lift, in use, for access to the slopes.
Inspirational mural design at the lodge

Rug design but could easily be a quilt
Back to the house and a Show & tell from our host's quilt group, a hugely talented bunch.
Gayle's stunning quilt from Guatemalan fabrics

Rhonda's small piece but would be equally good in a larger format.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

A lotta Lotta's

The back, a wonderfully graphic print from IKEA.

Keepsake "Glimma" kit designed by Ashley Newcombe and using
Lotta Jansdotter prints and Michael Miller plains.
The binding on this quilt was interrupted by other things on the "to do" list but on Wednesday I completed the final 2" of binding sewing. Despite its being a kit there was a lot of serendipity in the making and I had to work put how to line up the crosses myself. I made it one row wider and longer than the pattern. I bought two kits so have enough fabric for another quilt or two I want to make.
It was quilted by Maggie Kingston.and measures 59 by 74 inches.
I am leaving the house in the capable hands of my husband and our NZ visitors and leaving with two Usual Suspects for Oregon today for a shop hop, visiting with other quilters and finally classes at Sisters and the Show on Saturday July 11th. I hope to post pictures of our progress and projects.

Usual Suspects Sewing Day

My two sets of sampler quilt blocks

There were only 8 of us on Tuesday as some of us had family duties elsewhere. I laid out my sampler blocks for two separate quilts. Mostly I've done the same block in both versions but sometimes an alternative seemed more suitable for the modern, such as for the stained glass and house blocks. Lynne Edwards' sampler books are my chief source.
Judi is taking part in a modern guild transatlantic red and white block swap. Several of supplied fabrics  I just had to buy her the striped one. She has made her Patience Corners very cleverly. We also spray basted her HST top, again lovely fresh fabrics.
Judi's HST "sandwich"

Judi's starting point which is then cut into quarters

and rearranged into "Patience Corners"

or a cross.
Our group quilt was back from the Sandown show but I was so occupied pointing out its felicities I forgot to take a photo but did take a photo of Maggie's showing the fabric on the back.
Maggie's "African" quilt
Ingrid has completed her bright scrappy top.
Ingrid's jolly top
Lunch is a major item on the agenda and Maggie's reversible quilted tablecloth and mats lent a refinement to the occasion. We didn't spill anything!
The table setting, lots more dishes to come.