Sunday, 21 July 2019

Last of the retreat

On the last day I took these last two pictures of Marigold's strippy (we loved the sashing fabric) and Stephanie's Anita Solomon project from a Houston workshop made in a very clever way.


Stephanie chose super fabrics for a graphic effect

More from the retreat

Marigold's churn dashes

Isabels "propellers"

Mandy's cobblestones

and detail

Mandy's DNP

Isabel's applecores

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Retreat activities

I brought a variety of things to do with me this time. Everything took longer than expected but I'm pleased with having moved so many things further along and having brought years old projects to the fore.
First up was a back for the Map quilt top I made here in April. I wanted to use up my leftover fabric and made some more blocks. It still isn't big enough so fellow retreaters brought back some lovely textured black from the shop to add to all four sides.
Back mostly complete

Top done in April

My Westminster strip quilt from a Jane Hall workshop at Houston was supposed to be an evening respite from more concentrated work but once started I couldn't stop not least because of the messy plethora of strips and fabric everywhere. It was done quite thoughtlessly and it shows but at least it's now out of the bag. I will make seven more blocks and possibly border it if I have something suitable in my stash.
Just testing for size

Lastly I am so pleased with Judi's help to have completed the last two blocks of my Roundabout quilt from Karla Alexander's workshop at Sisters which we sewed together. The fabrics were provided as a kit and now the blocks have been trimmed look great together. Just 6 by 7" oblongs to fill the gaps to do.
Block layout

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Letha's Fan

This is the Siblings together block for the month, Letha's Fan or Electric Fan. Mine came out a bit too big but hey!
Deceptively lurid photo

Saturday, 29 June 2019

Making headway

Final section of basting
I spent the best part of two decades on and off hand piecing blocks in sizes from 3 to 9 inches in multiples of 1.5. As I went I noted how many of each size I had made and the total square inches till I had reached my minimum. Then I made some more. The blocks lay fallow but eventually I took a piece of squared paper, each square to represent 1.5" and drew my 6 squares by 6 nine inch blocks dotted about, then the 7.5" blocks, the 6", 4.5" and 3" filling in remaining spaces with 1.5" squares. I marked sections to be sewn and it involved lots of complicated multiple partial piecing but the sewing was so enjoyable and the drafting plan which had seemed such an obstacle was quick and straightforward to do.
Back and wadding cut and sewn and another pause but I put on my weekly target "sandwich "Joseph's Coat" " and now it is done -  tacking taking three days with respites. 
I have been worried about the quilting but put aside a design that seemed a possibility. The spaces are 1.5" but I may reduce that slightly to allow for drawing in chalk around the templates. I'll stick my photo copy onto card .
Anyway I've made a small piece of 4.5" rail fence units to try out the quilting and thread colours first.
Sample piece tacked ready to try out the quilting pattern.
A picture of the top taken in 2017

Friday, 28 June 2019

Sandown 04

I didn't take pictures of the showiest quilts but the ones that spoke to me or inspire me. Maureen Crawford had a special display and I liked her varied pieces.
Maureen Crawford: Modern Quilt with applique rather than piecing.

Maureen Crawford:Falling Leaves
I have a pattern similar to this.

Gill Cannon of Oast won third prize for her miniature quilt, "Cornish Harbour"
Striptease by Qercus Quilters of  Sevenoaks, Kent., a personal favourite.


Thursday, 27 June 2019

Sandown 03

Quilts from Quilts in a weekend
by Pam and Nicky Lintott


Detail: lovely jelly roll

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Sandown 02

Maggie and I both had other quilts in the show as did Tracy.
Also Margaret Harrison, my U3A colleague, won a cup for embellishment.
Tracy's quilt is a masterpiece.

Here am I with Stepping Stones

Maggie's Rainbow Nation
Margaret's "Obsession" : machine embroidered blocks with lots of extra
handwork and joined with exquisite handwork and sequin stars