Wednesday, 7 September 2022

Into the Woods

 As promised my "Into the Woods" 24" quilt was returned to me retired from a Traditional Quilt Group suitcase collection. I am pleased to see it again as I wanted to check out the quilting pattern I used. My "tree" was prompted by a very good workshop with Helen Howes.

Thursday, 1 September 2022


 A long term NWR Book Group member is moving away to be nearer family. She also has done the NWR treasurer's job for many years so a farewell lunch was in order plus a glass of prosecco plus a gift. These were thoughtfully chosen - tasteful china mugs with Cathdral and Chaucer scenes on them, other items and a cushion made by me.

I should really have liked to crop this and brighten slightly but none of my picture programmes seem to allow this including Microsoft photo viewer my former go to.

One of our scientific members was intrigued and possibly mystified by my description of how it was made.

Monday, 29 August 2022

Phoenix Quilters


We had an enjoyable trip to Deal with a walk along the seafront, a location often used for Jane Austen dramas and the like.

It was quite breezy so a trip to the Phoenix Quilters' show was in order. An early C19th quilt was on display made by  a local woman, Sarah Buddle  (born in 1836) along with two other girls. I include the explanatory text. Click on the image to enlarge if interested. 

Jack's Chain Quilt by Liz Hicks


Sue Clayton's New York Beauty

My husband thought this was a very balanced graphic quilt.

Maggie Pitt: Summer Scrappy Flowers (detail)

Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Quilts by Oast members

Louise Jessup: " Northern Lights - Ribbons of Lights"
This is a three dimensional piece and Louise definitely is a textile artist rather than a quilt maker.
Her works exploit colour and texture.

Liz Coleman: Bali Garden

Detail of Bali Garden

 Oast members were well represented at the show and several of them helped as angels and stewards.

Louise Jessup "Just Chillin'"

Janet Bevan "African Kells"
Penny Jeffries Tiger and Tulips
Penny was a member of Young Oast and is now a professional screen printer producing items for sale and accepting commissions.

Monday, 22 August 2022

Friends at Festival of Quilts

I love to see quilts made by friends and people I know hanging at FOQ especially the work I've seen in the making.

This is Belinda's "Green Tea and Sweet Beans"

Tracy's "It's A lot Christmas" made because she liked her first Sew Be quilt so much.
Tracy's first SewBe (?) quilt: "It's a lot quilt"
Tansy's "Allbrook Hill"  quilted by Maggie Breakspear, Lea Priory Quilting.

Friday, 19 August 2022

AT Festival of Quilts


Here is my quilt and me at Festival of Quilts. This is one of my all time favourites. It's next to friend Tracy's @sewing_tracy quilt and you can see the contrast between us. More friends' quilts to follow as well as other favourites.

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

More from the Oast Showcase

 The only award was for Visitors' Choice and for me this was a toss up between two of Maggie's: Bees n' Flowers and her Shimmer Quilt but in the end I opted for the Shimmer Quilt which I just love.

I've included this so you h
get a glimpse of
Maggie's longarm quilting and her hand
painted bee

I believev this pattern is known as Star Rose

I admired the top on her wall for a long time so it's lovely to see it finished

 Coincidentally Maggie voted my Give & Take much to my amazement though neither of us do that thing of voting for friends. These were our genuine choices!

Give & Take

I tried to capture the Cafe Walls illusion in my "Frieda's Cafe Curtains" quilt  by taking a picture from a distance