Monday, 21 May 2018

Quilters' Guild Area Day

This looks Welsh

Pretty sure this is Welsh

Durham strippy

Wonderful Elisabeth Sanderson star: the centre pink star is one piece of fabric. Not one
for a beginner. North Country.

I really enjoyed the Area Day in Sevenoaks with a talk by Pippa Moss and little hand sewing project to follow with Lesley White who provided us with a very generous kit to introduce us to crazy  patchwork.
Pippa's quilt

Made using the Ruth McDowall technique and pattern

Pippa specialises in Hawaian quilts

Pippa showed her collection of Welsh and North Country wholecloth quilts as well as some of her own stunning work.
Lesley's sample

Hever raffle quilt made using a technique
I am interested in but I don't think this makes
full use of it. I would have put these on point
as baskets.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Siblings Together block

The block set for this month was a design by Quilt Dad John Adams called Swallows.
We were asked to use bright colours.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Into the Woods


Newsprint backing

At the Quilters' AGM I was prevailed upon to make a quilt for the group's Into the Woods Suitcase collection which can be hired out to groups. Some people make exquisite pieces but time was short and I had a busy time coming up so I had to keep it simple and quick. I pieced the top on my quilt retreat making the "tree" using a technique from a Helen Howes workshop though it would have helped to had her notes there. I thought the environmental fabric and the backing newsprint were also appropriate.
On another note I spotted this crocheted lamp post on a trip to Whitstable.
Keeping warm: our French twinning guests in the background

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Louise Mabbs at Oast

A typical colour palette from Louise

Also on the stage an early quilt by Louise Mabbs

Her workshop samples

Mine before manipulating

Class outpur

Louise on left 

Monday, 7 May 2018

Last evening and last morning

Show and tell in thecountry

Show and Tell elephants

Show and Tell session

Show and tell wool project

In the evening we had an enjoyable show and Tell session with other group of sewing and quilting ladies staying at the same time. In the morning I pieced my inner DNP top and Mags had completed a section of her quilt.
Mags's underway

My DNP before adding a border


As I'm teaching two more DNP workshops I'm making a version in just three colours and strip piecing to speed up constructing the nine patches.
Meanwhile other projects were taking shape.
Marigold's arrangement showed off the cute
panels very effectively

Another baby quilt from Maggie using her
Fair Trade fabrics.

Mags set out her HST's in a complex arrangement ready to sew. Sh won the pack of Oakshott
in our group's tombola.


Milva's circles pinned and ready to go

Stephaie's hexagons started in a class with Gyleen fitzgerald.

Tracy's "Halo" quilt, one she made earlier

Judy'sapplique and setting locks. Just charming.

Friday, 4 May 2018

And a couple more


Belinda's WIP from a Sarah Fielke workshop


And a charity baby quilt from Maggie: lucky baby!

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Keeping going

Having a think

Stehanie's Tula100 Pink blocks made in 100 days

And Stephanie quilted this one here: Zen Chic pattern and fabric

Brigitte's David Butler fabric and pattern slightly amended - 
turned out for the better!

Maggie is makin lots of baby quilts at her daughter's request. A charity project.

Retreaters' progress

What did you buy?

My "interrupted log cabin" blocks from
Mandy Munroe's wokshop..
Most people went shopping in the morning (Tuesday). As the day wore on projects started to take shape. I made more interrupted log cabin blocks from Mandy Munroe's workshop for Oast last year. I used a low impact print instead of white. Imrov was much more fidddly and time consuming than traditional. Others covered more ground. I'll do something quicker and easier tomorrow.
Carrie's UFO to border
Tracy's super uncorns for her daughter: Elizabeth Hartman pattern.

Carrie's very large top in soft colours