Friday, 16 August 2013

More from the Festival of Quilts

The Festival of Quilts is a very special and unique show. Unlike the large American Shows it is not juried so there is   a wide range of quilts and this year a whole section was devoted to "My First Quilt. Some of these were quite expert as long time embroiderers turned their attention to quilt making. I was sceptical about one or two entries in this section. As usual I felt some of the quilts in the traditional section were better suited to the contemporary group and vice versa though I could see why the makers thought the way they did. The quilts are displayed very well with many on white walls. In addition there are white walled galleries, properly lit, devoted to vintage quilts or those of a group or individual maker. I always love to see the work of a long time quiltmaker all together from earlier to current work. Last year I was thrilled to see Pauline Burbidge's Egyptian style quilts and this year I enjoyed the very different work by Lynne Edwards who has done so much to educate and encourage us. Lynne is someone whose work is exquisite but seemingly has no desire to show off.
I think this was the Diversity in Europe gallery

Kaffe Fassett's shots and stripes gallery

Lynne sitting at her station in front of an early Cathedral Windows quilt

This lovely quilt by
Tatyana Duffee from a
copyright free pattern
by Kate Spain was in
the Traditional
section. What do
you think?

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Pippas quilts said...

Never quite sure how they define contemporary. Sometimes it seems to be the colour that is classed as contemporary. Does that mean that a traditional pattern is not contemporary.