Thursday, 15 August 2013

Another Day, another Quilt Show

Julie Herman pattern

Today was the local Whitstable Quilt Show which two or more of the local groups put on. I had a happy hour or so meeting up with an old friend and seeing what my fellow quilters had been up to.
I was very taken by the sixty degree hexagon and triangle designs in a quilt by Tracey D. following a Julie Herman pattern.

Starry Night
I spent time working out how Madeleine K's Starry Night quilt could be foundation pieced  and loved the  Piece o' Cake design, Stars in the Garden, I think, appliqued by one quilter and kindly finished by another when her friend was unable to it for herself.

In answer to the query about yesterday's quilt, yes we are all using the same setting.

Stars in the Garden completed by Doreen G.

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