Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Work apron


A good and very kind friend presented me with this apron made out of Fair Trade fabric. It's a classic design, I think based on a Japanese classic. The Japanese make lots of clever aprons. I love having pockets in which I can store pegs when hanging out the washing. I love the subtle decoration, an appliqued flower on the bodices with stripes running counter to the main garment and birds along the hem likewise.
Recently I attended a talk by Janet Clare whose apron signifies she is working and do not disturb and to which she adds words and little items of significance so there is more to aprons than you might imagine.  The initial intention of mine was to keep threads off my clothes but it's true I feel different wearing it in a way I can't quite define.


Pippas quilts said...

Mary it looks great on. Have you put anything else on it yet.

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

It's a terrific apron!