Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Quilting with friends

To celebrate all our birthdays we decided to hire a village hall and sew together and eat a shared lunch. We all worried about not bringing enough so ended up with quite a lot. It was lovely to have so much space and I hung up an older quilt with a calico back to act as a show and tell back drop.
So I shall take a brief break from Dragonflies to show and tell.
Judi has been hugely busy using blocks from an American friend to make a Civil War influenced quilt, bow ties in similar colours for a  house she visits in the US, a pretty child's quilt with variable block frames and piece de resistance a wonderful batik quilt for a friend. We all admired the combination of high and low contrast blocks and everywhere J's expert quilting.

Civil War blocks

Child's Four Patch

Detail of batik quilt

Bow Ties for Pennsylvania

Incomplete sunflower started in a workshop
with Maureen Thomas.


Julie Fukuda said...

What a great idea and lovely post. I didn't see any suspicious links.

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

Judi's bow ties are coming along so nicely! And the batik stars are magnificent!