Monday, 27 August 2018

Modern Quilts 02

I think I got carried away with picture taking in this section. Here is my second and final batch:
Ursula Becker: Red Coral Reef

Helen Howes: Hep Cat/Button Down
Helen, along with Heather Hasthorpe, has done a lot to get the Modern Quilt
Specialist Group off the ground through Facebook, newsletters, free patterns and
tutor packs

Chris English: Solid Crumb blocks Large
I did a class with Chris at FOQ: crumb quilting very much his thing.

Hilary Jackson: Improv. 9-Patch

Detail of centre

Rebecca Bell: Now you see me now . .

An example of a traditional design reworked in modern fabrics (mainly Alison Glass)..
Grey is the new black (and white). 

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Barb said...

great modern quilts. Love that improv nine patch