Saturday, 25 August 2018

Modern Quilts 01

The Modern Quilt section is a recent addition to the FOQ competition. And this year they were well represented. I liked the fact they were displayed in a less frequented area so I could walk round with fewer distractions. I am most inspired by improvisational work. I do love so many of these quilt designs and patterns although in my own work I'm not a fan of  the commonly chosen white background fabric. Probably because I'm messy!  .
Jill Dawson: Falling away
An established pattern is broken up with elements floating off into negative space.

Judith Lyons: Scrap Heap Challenge
I like the blue background which makes the relatively small number  of improv.
blocks part of a sizeable piece., an alternative approach to the previous photo.

Sarah Hibbert: Happenstance
I just love this one,  the colours and choice of fabric especially and the deceptive
 appearance of higgledy to nevertheless achieve a satisfying whole..
The Drunkard's Path motif  has taken on a whole new life in the hands of
modern quilters as have clamshells.

Traute Munsterberg: Field Connection
This is one that could just as easily fit into the Contemporary section. Again,
 I am drawn to the improv. elements. The setting is an important element in the design.
One for the ideas file.

Wendy Kennard: Tessellations IV
For me this would have been a candidate for the winning slot as while definitely modern it didn't rely on  commonly used motifs and patterns. More out of the box and the straight line quilting was interrupted by deigns which echoed  the piecing while not being a direct copy..


Kym Armstrong: Winter Forest Trees
I saw a pattern for this on one of the stands. Perhaps written by the maker of this quilt??
I like the fabric choices.

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Julie Fukuda said...

What an interesting variety of ideas those quilters come up with. I would love to see the process.