Wednesday, 29 August 2018

New Departure

I have been investigating buying a Bernina for my main machine or some time. A couple of friends have ones from the 700 series but I have opted for the 570 as it is a manageable size and does or should do everything I want a machine to do - a pivot function being very important to me.
I traded in my Pfaff Creative Expression 4. I had already sold my Horn Cabinet and at Festival I ordered a SewEzi Grande table with an insert for my new machine. I set everything up in the living room. I studied the first 100 pages of the instruction book and practised the buttons and bells.
Having completed my Bonnies Jelly Rolls rings top and then sewed the spares into another top I have now sewn the quarter square triangles into 12 blocks and I still have strips and misshaped scraps to deal with! They went together beautifully. But now I am practising the other stitch patterns I am having problems, specially with alphabets and with managing certain screens. I can't manage the bobbin race at all. I need some help!!!
Pieces ready to sew

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