Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Time away

 After many months of not meeting person (Zoom just doesn't cut it) four of spent four nights together in a cottage on a farm in Tenterden. It was very quiet and peaceful and we looked out onto a field.

A big but very mild
Limousin bull

Maggie and Belinda sewing
Geese and sheep and pond in a dip.

Good friends and good cake

I have a May birthday but  I was still startled to see a cake make its appearance, chocolate topped with icing and smarties.

We managed a little bit of socialising. Friend Judi came round for supper and catch up and earlier in the day we had had a lovely lunch lunch with Marigold and family members. She had a lot to share with us and brought more when she came round for the afternoon next day. Here they are:

Hexagon flowers


Made from a Liberty kit Tracy provided

Lovely Bear's Paw frogs!!

By coincidence three of us had signed up with Brenda Gael Smith to do her Region 2 Geometrix workshop. It was such fun to do it together rather than in isolation. The workshop rattled along at a good pace but with concentration even I managed to cover everything and catch up. I hope to do another one with her. After so much lockdown it's good to have outside stimulation.

My Geometrix samples

These are Belinda's

And these are Tracy's

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