Saturday, 24 April 2021

Foundation piecing

 I am sewing the block settings with foundation piecing. I drew the lines on the matt side of freezer paper. Next I layered up several pieces with the drawn one on top and sewed through the lines with no thread in the machine so that the design was perforated on each as a guide. 

The first fabric piece is ironed onto the shape on the sticky side and I fold back the seam line along the perforations and trim the fabric (not the paper)  to quarter inch. The next fabric is laid on top of the first one ready to sew the seam. I could sew along and through the drawn line but prefer to fold back the paper and sew right next to the line. Then the piece is folded over and pressed and the next line pulled back and the second fabric piece is trimmed to a quarter inch seam - the quilter's quarter is useful here.

I use the card to place on the line and
pull back the foundation over it.

Paper pulled back

Quilter's Quarter used to indicate the seam allowance

Seam ready to sew

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Julie Fukuda said...

I like the fussy-cut piece in the center, and the points meet up so perfectly.