Thursday, 29 April 2021



Hand quilting


The Crisscross quilt is done though I have to attach a hanging sleeve and label which are currently ready to go. I quilted by machine in the ditch along the central two lines of the block and then outlined the stars and the corner triangles in perle thread by hand which I much enjoyed.

I cut the binding 3.5" wide and attached it double folded. It's different to the Cosmos quilt wwhich has a binding more like a narrow cord. This and the Cosmos quilt were completed in the same week. I feel as though progress is being made.


JoZart Designs said...

Hi Mary, This is Jo, who maybe you remember our quick meeting at the closing of the 2019 Festival of Quilts as I rushed for my coach pick up.???
I am so often inspired by many of your makes but I really, especially, love this Crisscross quilt and would love to make one for myself to bring myself back to quality quilt making. During lockdown I only made simple quilts, which didn't need any concentration (but it saved my sanity). Usually delving into my Liberty stash so they were still worth making. I have searched the net without success including Jan Hassard's sites. Can you possibly, please, help me to acquire a pattern, maybe a book, for your quilt?
I am not looking for a freebie and will willingly order and pay but do hope you can give me a link.
Let's look forward to getting our quilting meetings , exhibitions and courses back to what they were now things are gradually improving.
Hoping to hear from you and many thanks if you can help.
Best wishes Jo

Quayquilter said...

Hello Jo - I did this in a class with Jan Hassard. Email me