Monday, 11 May 2020

Piecemeal Logs

The thought of piecing long diagonal rows fills me with horror. First I made a diagram marking out the largest square section I could manage and then the corners.
The road map
I pieced the bottom right corner first marking the pressing directions on my plan.
Sections laid out - three ready to join; two still to be sewn
This determined in turn how I pressed the rows of my rectangular section but I didn't join the rows together.
Next I pieced the top right corner. Pressing this determined the pressing direction when I sewed the central section rows together.
Lastly I marked up the pressing direction of the two remaining corners which I plan to sew and attach today .
This quilt will never set the world on fire but it's quite peaceful and I'm liking it more as I go.

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Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

It's a lovely quilt, Mary. And I empathize with your current assembly situation. I've completed my Steam Punks and am setting them on point with lattice and cornerstones. Close to the end now and fraught with confusion about what to do next!