Sunday, 17 May 2020

Photo Shoot

In my librarian mode I document all my quilts in folders often with source patterns or templates too and yesterday morning I set out to update. I find I have some photos in my files but not in the computer folder for that year and vice versa. And in the early days I didn't have a computer and used film. I also have a printout of all my quilts numbered and dated. Chequerboard shown here is 198. Smaller and Linus quilts get grouped under one number as (a), (b), (c) etc. I also have printouts of my quilt books, magazines and pattern holdings. Boxes and filing cabinet drawers hold magazine cuttings under headings such as HST's, Squares and Triangles, Squares and oblongs, borders settings, modern quilts and many more. I do refer to files sometimes and like to remember items which have sold or given away. I thought I would have loads of time for this stuff in lockdown but it hasn't happened that way. It will all get thrown out eventually. Perhaps in old age I'll prune and summarise my quilt records so they can contained in just one or two binders.
This is a family trait shared with my father and brother.
Most recent: Chequerboard

Crab Shack 2019 from a kit - very disappointed with this quilt. Not a keeper.

12 Days made as a Crab & Winkle (now defunct) project in 2004. First applique quilt and first quilt-as-you-go. From a pattern in Quitmaker magazine.

Key West 1999 so called because the fabrics were bought there in a super shop. I still love this quilt made when I had the patience to make pieced borders and I like the all over fish net big stitch quilting


Isla's Stars 2006: we had a cot for grandchildren in our house and this was Isla's quilt, hand quilted and slightly stained! How time flies!
Flowery Mystery 2020: demonstration project for U3A

Siblings Together 2019 quilt actually completed in 2020. I have to set the Bee block for June and then add as required and make the quilt.

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Julie Fukuda said...

I keep a record in my paper diary, photograph and details. This past year, the diary came to an end and it took some time to find a new book to put my pictures and notes in. It was the earlier diary that my son turned into a blog. Your finishes are so inspiring. You have a lot more variety than what I tend to do.
I think the library work made me a lot more organized, as there is a certain satisfaction in having a place for everything and everything in its place.