Sunday, 31 May 2020

Jelly Roll Roman Crosses

Pink sashing too strong
I've made and trimmed all the blocks to 11.25" and needed to audition several sashing choices before deciding on this one. Then my first choice of sashing posts threatened to overwhelm the whole thing. Kneeling on the floor to arrange them made me better acquainted with the colours in the sashing and I found a spotty grey which was just right and was the right size with one unit to spare. It's not a big piece so I'll cut out enough for the centre and use a darker grey for the outside ones. As the Paracas jelly roll was a freebie I felt entitled to order more of the green blender for a border. And I found some fabric for the backing in my stash.
Sashing choice

Sashing post choices

Backing fabrics

Grey sashing posts are better

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