Thursday, 6 October 2011

UFO Night

Last night at Quay Quilters most of us brought in unfinished projects. I was slow getting going with my camera so all I have is Mags' jelly roll quilt. She is stuck for a border not having enough jelly roll or background left.
Mags's jelly roll UFO

I cheated and took in an unfinished project of my mother's which is so far unfinished by me. One for my daughter??
Tomorrow I am off the the Traditional Quilters Group retreat - three different workshops by three different tutors and hotel accomodation in Banbury.

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Julie Fukuda said...

The jelly roll is very pretty. Almost any border could do. At one time I had the "Year of the UFO" and promised myself not to begin anything that year until everything was finished. That was a good lesson because now I keep one take-along project and one quilting project. When that big quilt is done, the take-along will get it's turn for quilting.