Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Quilters' Guild Coffee morning

Members of the Quilters' Guild from our neck of the woods got together this morning to chat, show and tell, make a heart decoration (I will make more), hold a raffle where the donations were wrapped - we all won something and most inportantly enjoy Pam's cheese scones and other baked goods.
Cilla showed us her quilt made in a workshop where participants sewed and flipped strips on telephone directory pages (oh bother I've just thrown a defunct one away!). It looks very enjoyable to do. The back was also stunning in a quite different contemporary way thanks to the fabric and piecing chosen and the quilting on the front formed a pleasing design on the back. Caryll who visits South Africa had used da Gama indigo fabrics and scrap golden yellow squares to make a lovely quilt all sewn by hand apart from attaching the binding.
Cilla's quilt

Caryll's quilt

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Julie Fukuda said...

Those are both lovely. With snacks and conversation it must have been a fun gathering.