Tuesday, 8 June 2010

More from Oast Quilters Showcase

Firstly Melanie's Twisted Sisters which many of us have done using Ami Simms' pattern and template. I've just received another shipment for a final workshop next Saturday.

The Hidden Wells quilts were made in a Crab & Winkle workshop, Mary's in vibrant colours and Pam's in prints. If I was the "mother" of these, Judi was the grandmother as I practised and learnt Hidden Wells from her and  we all drew on Internet sources too. I think Mary Ellen Hopkins was the original instigator of this fascinating technique.

This is another mystery of mine completed by a member of Rambling Roses.

These then are quilts at the show in which I had a part to play. Margaret's quilt with hearts was a mystery quilt I set long ago, so long I didn't recognize it at first till I read the programme.

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