Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Quilts at Hever

Here is the Group Quilt made for our display at Hever with a detail showing Mandy Parks' expert (longarm) quilting. We all made single applique leaves and pieced "leaves" while Meg Leach executed the applique panel. Lesley Brankin designed it. I show a general view of one section in the marquee and my effort which was blocks, extra ones originally made for the swap we did in 2001 when three people requested "Autumn". I chose mine from "Choice Scrap Quilts" and the revolving leaves ones are slightly adapted Judy Martin designs. They very much carry her imprint of one shape superimposed upon another. The wadding was dyed yellow and the raw edges covered with dyed tape and tacked with thread from the same dye bath. Our display quilts had a size restriction but I have made enough blocks to add another set all round and then will border with a leafy fabric to make the quilt bedsized. I'll remove the tape first.
Listeners never hear good of themselves; I thought I would listen to the comments made by two attendees only for one to look at mine and "That's very clever" (!! - good) followed by "but I couldn't stand all those colours. It's too fussy for me." Serves me right though I am concentrating on the 'clever' bit. Painstaking is more the word as I resorted to a lot of handpiecing.
To see the other quilts check out the Saturday 13th September blogpost by Kate North, another of our members:
Her quilt included masses of "tree" fabrics combined very successfully and subtlely embellished.


Pat said...

I love the leaves with the pinwheel behind!

Helen in the UK said...

The group quilt is gorgeous!! I've never made it to Hever ... got as far as a long traffic jam last year and eventually turned round and went home again :(