Monday, 24 February 2020

Handwork Section

This is the only show I know of which has a handwork section and although the modern movement has given prominence to masterful quilting whether free machine or walking foot hand quilting is present in all the categories. In the handwork section some pieces are hand pieced and machine quilted as with  two shown here.
Trippy Triangles by Joanna Marsh
English Paper Pieced and machine quilted


100 Days Down the Rabbit Hole by Jacqueline Skerrit
She made 100 blocks in 100 days using 3 colours plus gray in each block, piecing or applique then added batting and quilting.
Background blocks are "Ghost quilted" to add interest.
What a fantastic concept and arrangement.


Ice Melting by Karen Maple
Hand pieced using a new method, California, not English, paper piecing. I must investigate what this is.

Stunning machine quilts with accented by hand work.

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Julie Fukuda said...

The Tokyo Dome show has a handwork section. I'm not sure if they are all handmade but the quilting is all by hand and extraordinary.