Monday, 24 February 2020

Charity Quilts

Every year Guilds and Bees make charity quilts to be displayed at QuiltCon and then they donate them to a local charity either for use, display or as a fundraiser. These are often stunningly inventive pieces.
A theme is set to give a focus and some unity to the display. This year it was black and white and words.

I went on a special exhibit tour with Mary Fons which included a description of A Day in the Life of a Quilter
Reading from left to right: dawn, asleep, alarm, kiss husband and cup of coffee. R2 More coffee, good, another cup, not so good, private moment, good job done. R3 Breakfast, walk the dog, another good job done. R4 Time to sew, going well till oops, unpick. R5 School run and clubs: football, music followed by ice cream. R6 Time to sew again, cutter accident, oh dear, plaster but undeterred. R7 call for pizza, delivery, pay, eat pizza, greedy and more pizza and R8 chocolate and a glass of wine, sew and more wine, spill wine R9 Kiss husband twice, bed ...!

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Julie Fukuda said...

Fantastic and so creative! Quilters rock!