Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Negative Space

The use of negative space appears in most sections but there is a separate category too. For some reason I've taken only a limited number of photos none of which depict quilts with large amounts of negative space. 
I've included this because it's by a UK quilter,
Paula Steel, and it's one of at least two she has in the show.
It's called Finding Structure and is a swatch made with moving material around on a design wall.

Swatches by Heather E. Black
Designed to look like a sketch
book with overlapping

Detail: I like the freely
quilted black

Lorena Uriarte: Sakura Breeze representing the fleeting
nature of the Japanese Cherry Blossom season. She uses
just two fabrics, a Japanese yarn dyed cloth and an ombre
pink in a modern interpretation of the rail fence block.
Super binding.

Lovely curved hand quilting with central ties.

Float On by Jen Carlton Baily
She describes a magical moment lying on the grass at a summer concert when the words of the song sounded out and children in front blew bubbles.

Although hard to see she makes interesting use of negative space by piecing the white background fabrics in same way as the coloured blocks.

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Julie Fukuda said...

Interesting to see the circles. There were quite a few quilts with circles in this year's show here.