Saturday, 10 March 2018


I always find some very successful pieces in he youth sector at QuiltCon on as young people go to work emboldened by the teaching and liberal approach of those close to them and their work is often technically assured.
Ann Guiam: America  the Beautiful
Made to raise awareness and to honour the lives lost in school shootings
The rows of pupils at the bottom of the quilt echo the design of the American flag.
First prize.

Detail; the message is clear.

Ginger Conner: Fragment
Inspired by a design in Sujeta Shah's book

Caitlyn Baxter: Hearts and Stars
Made with and by members of the Kids Round Robin, ages 7-8,  with help from mums.

Kyla Farquson:Family
Based on her own family: who can resist? Second prize. Aged 10


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Julie Fukuda said...

Each year, the junior section at the Tokyo Dome show has more and more entries and it is fun to see how creative the youth are becoming. Some are done by class groups including boys. I wonder how involved in the projects the teachers are.