Thursday, 8 March 2018

QUILTCON:: Minimalist design

Melissa Miller Curley: Harper
"Harper is inspired by the the lines and strings of all things musical."

Though I am drawn to quilts with lots of printed fabrics and surface texture there is something to be said for the graphic impact of restraint. I found the quilts in this section with
limited palettes, enlarged blocks and bold use of line gave me food for thought.

Yvone uchs: Wayward Transparency


Marah Light: Figures
Quilted by Rebecca Canetti
Retrieved a disaster when making pairs of blocks only to find some had made made the wrong
size so they wouldn't fit together. Cutting down resulted in a new design. 

Suzy Williams: Maypole
The interweaving ribbons of olour that form this bold composition [are] reminiscent
of a traditional maypole.

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