Tuesday, 13 March 2018


Jessica Levitt: I am enough
This is about letting go of  the need to measure oneself and ones quilts against  "perfection" and to 
be "enough" in oneself in in ones quiltmaking. 
 deeply personal quilt relating to the inner struggles of the maker..

Hilary Goodwoin; Shine a Light
Embodying her response to the Presidential election: not to spend energy  criticise the other side
 but to devote her efforts to volunteering in the community and making the world better place.
Trump voters were keeping a low profile at this qult show.
I have made a couple of modest size Moon over the Mountain quilts in the past so was very
 interested to see this treatment which was not one I would have thought of
and in such lovely colours


Robert Bosscher: Take Flight
Inspired by a flock of birds taking flight.


Juli Smith: B4U
Love this quilt, the colours and the font..
Another political quilt.
"B4U Hate was hiding but LOVE will prevail In memory of Heather Heyer and all
those who have lost their lives while fighting against hate and intolerance. I will stand
with you always."

Joel Ignacio: TXIV
Cut 5" squares for a bag class and then cut them again.


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Anonymous said...

Really like the Jessica Levitt quilt and sentiment. Also your resolve to only work on the unfinished. I am trying to do the same except for a plan to treat myself to the Bramble Parch/Diana Boston Patchwork of the Crosses kit at FofQ in August....
Lovely talking to you at the Gala Dinner tonight. Will enjoy seeing what you’re up to.