Friday, 18 August 2017

FOQ SEVEN: Modern Quilts 01

Christina Arcenegui Bono : Getting On
A Moda building blocks pattern. I wonder what it would look like the other way up.

Dorothy Hill: La Passacaglia Goes Large
My visitor's choice and this one brings out the copyist in me. She made just one round of
Willyne Hammerstein's pattern enlarging the templates to cover a double bed.
Uses modern cottons, Liberties and linen and perle cotton big stitch quilting and
machine quilting,

Juliet Nelmes: Elm Creek Sampler by Jennifer Chiaverini
This is a very nice quilt which stuck out like a sore thumb is this category.
The maker didn't realise that here the word "modern" is limited to a specific type of quilt.
Also it has been quilted by Midsomer Quilting; the rules are insistent that long armed quilts
should go in the two person category. No doubt the judges gently pointed all this out and
she will know next time.
Detail of Wild Colours
I was fascinated by the crazy layering

Frieda Oxenham: Ramsay Monument Quilt
Colours and pattern very "modern", raw edges and embellishment less so. She used Ella Blue's
 Linen Cupboard line. I tried in vain to buy this after seeing pictured swatches in a magazine.

Eva Le Blanc: Lone Star
EPP method. The star is beautifully set off by the vbrant background.

Lisbet Borgreen: White January
I remember the maker's quilt  from last year which I think may also have come
second in the modern category as did this one.
Super restrained exploitation of fabric set off by close quilting. Another favourite.

Teresinha Roberts: Wild Colours
Made entirely by hand using naturally dyed fabric. The use of hand dyes makes me
think contemporary section as modern quilts use manufacturers' solids in my

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Julie Fukuda said...

When they are looking for quilts to make up a show, they probably need more information about what the category consists of.
I am attracted to those quilts with different size blocks but I agree that one looks a bit top-heavy hanging that way. Thanks for taking your fans along to the show.