Thursday, 17 August 2017

FOQ 2017 SIX: Two Person Quilts 02

Natalie Taylor and Frances Meredith (longarmer): Houston Fabric Highlight
Tumblers using fabric collection bought at Houston 2015. Tumbler seam matching proved tricky.

Heather Hasell and Mary Jane Hutchinson (longarmer):Chic Modern Neutrals
This colourway is very popular just now (this is from a Moda layer cake) and fits in with modern
decorating trends.
I like it.

Natalie Taylor and Frances Meredith (longarmer): Houston Fabric Highlight
Tumblers  made with a collection of fabrics from Houston 2015. Seam matching
proved tricky.

Lisa Taylor and Trudi Wood (longarmer): Space Dust
Tula Ping FP pattern using 44 individual pieces. The maker matched the original effect
as closely as possible using 22 Cotton and Steel basics and V&Co's Simply Color Metro Dot.
Made to celebrate 10 years of a happy marriage.
Anne Marshall and Trudi Wood (longarmer): Club Tropicana
Her first magazine quilt using traditional HST's and symbol of welcome to very modern
graphic effect. I note the maker is the same as for Pink Roads in an earlier post.

Pauline Smith and Marlene Chaffey (longarmer): Estuary View
Uses Janet Clare's Hearty Good Wishes fabric to represent the view of the River Exe
from her bedroom window. The theme is echoed by the custom quilting.

Close up of Janet Clare fabric. I like her distinctive designs but would find them hard to
 combine with others. This quilt ses them to full effect.

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Julie Fukuda said...

My sister makes five or six quilts to one of mine and sometimes mentions her "longarmer". I wonder if she thinks of her quilts as two-person quilts.