Monday, 21 August 2017

FOQ NINE: Miniature Quilts

Miniature quilts or anything very small are not my thing but these were hung at the end of one of the main sections and I couldn't but admire the technical skill and artistry that had gone into the making
 of these pieces.
Sylvie Plested: Angry Bird's Bath
Sylvie is an Oast member and based her piece on a
calendar picture by American artist, Charley
Harper called Brrrrdbath. What a wonderful choice of

Helen Howes:: Interpolated Roses
In silk free cut and quilted. The start of  a new
series for Helen who has made many
quilts based on trees.

Helen Butcher: Mini modern sampler
I just loved this but thought it would be better writ large only to discover Helen had already
done that as a 4 ft sized piece for a beginners' course and the full size pattern
 is available from Little Patch Pockets.
Oakshott  fine cottons and Liberty lawns

Amy Pabst: Tight pineapple
"Cotton, silk and linen blend fabrics, foundation pieced and machine quilted.
inspired by late 1800s quilt and has 2772 pieces. Crumbs!
Would look wonderful in any size.

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