Tuesday, 22 August 2017

FOQ TEN: Contemporary Quilts

This the last post on quilt categories as I missed out on pictorial quilts and art quilts because of lack of time.
Tracy Aplin: Ellen's Quilt
Tracy is another dear friend and Usual Suspects member and I have watched this quilt in the making.
Tracy's quilts are always recognizable as hers, highly individual and imaginative, and this one is
packed with personal references so her daughter will feel wrapped in love as she starts college.

Louise Jessup: It's Lavender, Dilly!
Louise is an Oast member, again with a very different
approach to quilts especially in regard to construction
and applying separately made elements.


Anna Maria Turchi: Fly Away
I have a penchant for quilts such as this where a unified
composition is made up of different  sections and elements.


Carole Wood: Chrysler Alternatives
This is an archetypal contemporary quilt with its reworking of traditional New York
Beauty blocks, asymmetric border and bright colours (I think of the as American colours).

Isobel Loftus: Cabin the woods
This is a favourite: I love the woven recycled fabric, traditional but enlarged block and balanced improvisational placement.

Kate Dowty: Crazy Fields
I heard Kate speak at the Torquay AGM earlier this
year and was impressed by the quality of her work and
her throughgoing approach to design and
inspirations from nature.

Wonderful quilting

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