Wednesday, 14 June 2017

A lucky girl

I let my sixtieth birthday pass by with little notice. Being retired, pensions and bus pass were a sufficient celebration for anybody in my view. However the biblical three score years and ten has always held a special fascination for me and I thought I should be very disappointed not to make it that far. Well now I have but  I did start working towards it a long time ago and suggested to my friends thay might make me a small quilt either 24" or A4 sized expessive of them, more perhaps for fabric choices than technique which might be complicated. As the time approached and they reminded me of this I felt rather shamefaced but they insisted they would and the first two have been handed over. I am so inexpressibly grateful for the time and trouble taken, far more than I anticipated.
Belinda sent me a teaser picture of hexagons but I was amazed to open the package and uncover tiny hexagons with half inch sides made from  Liberty fabrics. All this plus beautiful big stitch quilting. Tracy loves improvisational piecing and uses a distinctive bright colour palette so I knew instantly who had made this little quiltlet which has so much sewing in it. All this and a delightful mug carrier (we take our own mugs to sewing days) plus my favourite Earl Grey tea.
Doll's bed with Belinda's quilt and quilt stand with Tracy's piece.


Close up




Mug carrier and tea from Tracy The catch catches without being buttoned through. Very clever. Trademark yellow and pink dots on lining.


Beatrice said...

Happy belated birthday!

Julie Fukuda said...

How sweet that is ... and what great friends! Luckily I will never get that old, When I reached 50 I started counting backwards, This year I will be a teenager again ... yes, in my second childhood.