Monday, 12 June 2017

I'm back

I haven't left such a long gap since I started this blog. A partial excuse is I have taken on an organising role which has tied me to my computer quite a lot so I needed to leave off and do other things.Once I've settled in it shouldn't take up quite so much time.

I made myself use my low volume  prnts collection I've been hoarding.
Foundation piecing helping with the long points.

However I have been trying to finish quilts albeit by basic walking foot quilting. Martha's quilt is for a friend's sixth grandchild and no the previous five didn't get one while Codebreaker uses leftover strips from a Kimberley Einmo layer cake class. As the workshop project has been sold, this quilt will serve as a memento though in time I may sell it too. The block white is the same as the background of the print but I didn't have enough for the sashing which is bright white. I call it a design feature.
Codebreaker and it's a true enigma as it doesn't say or mean anything. .

The back

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Julie Fukuda said...

I do love those stars and their setting and I'm glad that code doesn't say anything because I couldn't figure it out.